FREE GTA, GTA2 and Wild Metal PC Games from Rockstar (LEGAL Downloads)

FREE GTA, GTA2 and Wild Metal PC Games from Rockstar (LEGAL Downloads)

Found 13th Nov 2006
Just seen in the Lemmings thread someone asking for this so here goes, this can be downloaded free and legally along with the other 2 games from Rockstar.

I downloaded all 3 and they seem ok dated, but still good fun especially when you play online.
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Bleeding hell THERE IS A GOD!!

Nice find mate.
forgotten how addictive those games were

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Thanks for these
lemmings thread? where!!!!???!!?!!?!!!??? please can some1 direct me to them

eerrr that was me asking for it paddy lol
cheers, good find!
cheers!! will leave some rep
nice thanks
used to love this game online! shame it was dial up back then and took an age to do anything
These have been around for a while, tried getting the GTAs before. They say they're updated for modern PCs but I had all sorts of frame rate troubles (too fast, sometimes too slow) playing on half decent PCs (of the last few years!) that can play normal games fine. Plus the downloads were always really slow, maybe they've fixed it now, but shame they don't realise they can use something like bittorrent even though it's legal. :roll:
Same 0d0d, I tried GTA when it came out a few years ago, as my original disc does not work under XP.

The downloaded version had exactly the same issues as my CD, but it's free and only a couple of MB so nothing lost :-D
Ok who gave me Neg rep ?? dont be chicken ? all i want to know was why ??

I'll never forget playing GTA: London on serial link with my younger brother all those years ago I remember there being a bug that meant you would eventually destroy every car on the map!
i remember this button you pressed on a keyboard, one of the F's, and it would remove some kinda limit to the frame speed so if u had even a rubbish gfx card it would be a lot faster, and you could "drive" over rivers (with the jumpy thingies) using a truck when you could only do it with a bike
GTA2 is even better when played on-line you can download extra maps and a program that makes it easier to play on-line here ]http//gt…htm
Anyone know where I can get a PC version of Sonic the Hedgehog? :? I spent many happy university days on it with the Nintendo back in 93/94 and would be happy to relive those days
Christ these have been free for absolutely ages, I remember seeing a thread about it over on the dvdforums back in 2004, rockstar sent out an email in 2003 about the downloads.…055
Yeah but someone requested it in another thread so I posted it.
Yep these have been around for ages...still GTA2 is fun. If you watch the intro video you may recognise the guy playing Claude is no other than Detective Sergeant Phil Hunter from The Bill ;-)

I think the original GTA had issues with Windows XP and refuses to work...even this updated version doesn't work....although it may work on some pre Service Pack 1 installations....not sure. I gave up on finding a solution ages ago.
my gta works with home edition
brilliant, GTA2 is the legend of all rockstar games
teamed with an XBOX 360 pc controller, it just owns
good find
finally, to quench my long suffered games drought! lol
Thanks, H&R added
This is beyond great! I hope more game companies will follow this and release their older games for free.
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