Free Gucci Guilty Black for Men or Women Sample

Free Gucci Guilty Black for Men or Women Sample

Found 10th Mar 2013
Just fill out the form on Facebook for your free sample of Gucci Guilty Black ;…545
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Probably just a postcard but heat added!
How big is the 'sample'?
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Haven't a clue about the size or type of sample , got the info from a freebie site with no mention of type of sample nor is there on the Facebook page?

Probably one of those annoying postcards as I like the samples for my handbag but worth a try anyway (_;) x
Gucci tends to send postcards, in my experience.
Same as Boss - postcard.
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Oh *** lol
had these before and most people are right its just a postcard
Smudge on your face. Well pez
Am i missing something or is that link just to a video? Where do i give them my details?

Now showing as out of stock for UK
They've run out in the UK
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