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FREE Guff Gringle Skin in Store for Fortnite @ Epic Games

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About this deal

Naughty or nice, everyone's invited to Guff's favorite hoilday, Winterfest! Celebrate wintry days and comfy nights by the open fire with the Guff Gringle Outfit.

Go to the Fortnite Store to ge the Guff Gringle OutFit for free
Epic Games More details at Epic Games

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    Can claim on a mobile phone by using the GeForce NOW app and a free account for it
    Thanks for that also i just asked above...lol
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    Thanks for sharing. Any one know if they are doing a winter event again this year?
    Thursday 15th December 2022 for Winterfest
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    Cant see it ?
    Can only be reddeemed on Pc (edited)
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    Pc only? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I mean that's terrible. What a ridiculous game. (Waiting for the console freebies)
    Can claim on a mobile phone by using the GeForce NOW app and a free account for it
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    PC exclusive, should edit post to show this, also it's available between Dec. 13 and Jan. 3, 2023. (edited)
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    I’ve done it on the phone geforce now. It’s in the shop
    Did you have a geforce now membership before today?

    I downloaded the app, created an account, linked my epic store but when I click in app it says I don't have a membership.

    When I go online I just get an error

    Been trying for a while (edited)
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    Cute!! I love SGT Winter but may switch to this guy
    Frozen Banana skin for me
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    Can you get this for Playstation? or only on PC? My nephew would love this free skin but he uses PS
    Can claim on a mobile phone by using the GeForce NOW app and a free account, basically streams from the cloud, this is how i claimed it. Shows up at the bottom of the store page.
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    P.c only? As can't see this on xbox?
    Can claim on a mobile phone by using the GeForce NOW app and a free account for it, this will then give you it on all platforms with the same epic account
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    Don't you log into the same account you use on other platforms then go to the store look for it and click claim then load up Fortnite on say Xbox or PS then should appear in your locker ?

    Will try later as no doubt my son will be asking to claim this which we've done same method on previous PC epic item shop freebies for Fortnite (edited)
    If you can log into your account on your PC, you'll be able to pick it up and use on other platforms once redeemed. But for those of us without a PC we canny get it.
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    Will need to try and get this later then if its pc only
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    Geforce now app seems to be the best way to redeem for those without a PC
    How is this done bud?
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    Can someone show where to find it. My daughter loves that skin, will be so happy. Thanks can’t even find GeForce now app either on my iOS (edited)
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    Can’t find it , nevermind 
    I have the game downloaded on phone. Logged on and it was there. Didnt need to use my pc
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    I’m a Nintendo switch user and got it. I just downloaded the GeForce app in my laptop. Made an account and linked it to my epic account. I then went onto fortnite thru geforce and claimed the free skin in the item shop
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