free guide for new campers
free guide for new campers

free guide for new campers

first post - hope ive done it right
A free guide from the camping and caravanning club written by experienced campers
prob the wrong time of year for this but may be of use to some

UPDATE - sorry i have been told the link here dosent work and i dont know how to change it, but if you look in comments i have added a link there for you (fingers crossed that works ok - it does when i click on it)

This is still valid @ 04/01/13 campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/for…asp
- looosielou


Hi Hun,
the link doesnt appear to be working x

oohh - i wish this link was working as this would be perfect for me - really could do with some practical camping advice!

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really sorry every one not sure how to change original post (any advise would be great) but if you click on the above link hopefully should be ok

let me know - sorry again

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just seen there is an edit button how stupid of me! but when i click into it, it will not let me delete the original link?

Thanks, good find.

great ive been looking for one for ages
thanks for posting it. 0h and welcome
to hot uk deals

Managed to do it New to camping Thanks for the find

thank you for this - i've only camped twice in my life but i really want to do more so this will be perfect.
thank you for posting!

Thanks for this, my OH has been pestering me for ages to give camping a go and I am not sure what to expect.
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