Free guide & money off coupon to teen skincare

Free guide & money off coupon to teen skincare

Found 28th Feb 2007
Just fill in your details to receive a free guide and money off coupon for teen skincare with Clean and Clear from Johnson & Johnson.


Another good find Suze

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Got mine this morning - 50p voucher and booklet with tips, advice and quite interesting little true or false myths.

Not bad.

I had it a few days ago, pity my skin is gorgeous as it is :giggle: No I am not vain, I just drink plenty of water and dont use makeup and stuff so my skin is actually quite healthy

Thanks Suze, I have a 14 year old who would prob appreciate this. Fortunately she isn't having too many skin probs at the mo but that can change!

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I have a 14 year old daughter too, she doesnt (thus far) suffer too much either, but naturally when she does get the odd spot its a major trauma!!
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