Free guide to fun days out in your area

Free guide to fun days out in your area

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Free handy regional guides.

London London pdf

East Midlands East Midlands pdf

West Midlands West Midlands pdf

Northwest Northwest pdf

Southwest Southwest pdf

Southeast Southeast pdf

Yorkshire and Northeast Yorkshire and NE

Wales English language Wales English language

Wales Welsh language Wales Welsh language
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Good idea but how is there NOTHING to do in Kent?
mac90917 m ago

Good idea but how is there NOTHING to do in Kent?

I'm from Scotland and it isn't even on the list lol.
mac909114 m ago

Good idea but how is there NOTHING to do in Kent?

Agree, whoever put this together needs firing and a lesson in geography. South East my a55
Yorkshire & north east only covers Yorkshire and nothing in the north east 🤔🤔🤔🤔
East anglia?
Cheers dude. Been looking for stuff to do outside of my local area.
There's only so many times you can walk around your town centre before you get bored of it.
Edited by: "RickDoyle" 6th Jan
very patchy coverage of Wales. TFP though.
For the people compaining about patchy or non-existant coverage, these guides are done by the Canal & River Trust, the charity responsible for the majority of the navigable canal network in England and Wales, plus a few navigable inland rivers (nothing tidal). This network doesn't (and never did) cover large parts of England or Wales - of the main connected network, bar a couple of exceptions, the furthest north is Lancaster and Skipton, the furthest east outside of Greater London is Northampton, the furthest south is Bath and the furthest west is Llangollen. Much of the rest of the England, and the majority of Wales never had any canals or navigations, and those in areas that did either no longer exist (such as the Grand Surrey Canal), are no longer navigable (such as the Wey and Arun Canal), operated by another navigation authority (the Environent Agency for the Fens waterways, the Broads Authority for the Norfolk Broads, the National Trust for the Basingstoke Canal), or were never intended for navigation in the first place (such as the Royal Military Canal).
Great, thanks 😊
Just lovely. Well done to the designer/writers
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