FREE Haircut, Wash and Blow Dry
Free haircut, wash and blow dry when you purchase any promotional bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner


Nice find

Has anyone got batch no codes

term no 4, have to produce your reciept for the bottle!

Thank, just in time...need a haircut

I went to buy a bottle but i couldn't find a promotional bottle, what do they look like? anyone know?

Important T&C's:

You must make a promotional booking with your allocated participating salon prior to taking advantage of this promotion. If you do not quote the offer when making a promotional booking your voucher will not be redeemed.

Retain the voucher and hand it in upon arrival at your allocated hair salon to redeem the offer.

In the event that you do not attend your promotional haircut booking, you will be asked to pay a £30 "NO SHOW" fee. All cancellations of promotional bookings must be made with your allocated salon/therapist at least 48 hours in advance of the booking.

If you have any queries about your promotional booking with the participating salons please call the customer helpline on 0870 365 3695 (lines open 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. Calls to this number from BT landlines will cost 7.51p per minute; call costs from other providers will vary).

thanks. I need a haircut

I got a promotional bottle from Tesco today and just need to send the form+receipt+ASE tomorrow.

Bee: It has a yellow sticker that says free haircut on it.

Could anyone got batch codes?
I've bought 2 bottle last week with receipt, but both bottles are not promotional batch.:-(

Id love this, ......pity i shave all my hair off :-D

Great find, will get some shampoo tomorrow


Id love this, ......pity i shave all my hair off :-D

You could always book and go to the appointment to see what they say, at least they won't be able to charge you the £30 'No Show' fee :-D

I checked out web site first, it shows you what code you need.

By the way had my haircut already... very happy.

Well done for this post ... you beat me to it!:)

How did you manage that when you need to send in proof of purchase (till receipt) with your application form?

Hi zAndy1,

Been sitting here trying to remember how i did it. Can't so, sorry, perhaps i did have one.... have edited post... forgive me?
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