Free haircuts & shave for men in London @ barber academy.

Free haircuts & shave for men in London @ barber academy.

Found 20th Jun 2013
Free Haircut 30 minutes
Free Hot towel shave 30 minutes
Free cut and shave 1 hour

Book online

Totally Free
We are TotalBarber the UK's most established dedicated barber academy.

We train people to be quality barbers and we need your heads

We always need hair models for cuts and shaves.

Totally Free
We are available from 10am through to 4pm
Monday to Friday

We will cut it however you want!

Standard haircut - Shoreditch fashion cut - 1950's style - Skin fade - Long hair - Patterns - Cut throat all over - Clipper cut - anything!

71 Leonard St
Nearest Tubes: Old st - Shoreditch High St - Liverpool St
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Thanks, I'm on my hols from tomorrow but I'll defo check them out when I get back
I have used thier service last month. They are good.
Good I will try it
is this from that program on channel 4
One of the trainees who does a wet shave is a Mr Todd don't ask for him!

is this from that program on channel 4

Yes it is, that programme was utter ****.
What was the website to check for these free places of that program?

Yes it is, that programme was utter ****.


What was the website to check for these free places of that program?

Can't remember, but I tried all 3 at the time and couldn't find anything on any of them.
I went for a hot towel shave today, and it was actually really good.

Plus I did take some money to give the barber a tip, but he did not want it, so it really is completely free.
hope every town and city has one barber academy
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Just arrived for my free lunchtime haircut. Will let you know how it goes after I've had the chop.
I was impressed the student did a good job, he did manage to cut his finger instead of my hair and then have to go off for a plaster at one point though.
if you don't mind that trainees do experiments on u, if u don't mind that this is gonna take 1+hour, if u don't mind to wait for 1h or more in addition as the appointments aren't being followed and controlled and u don't have time frames and if u dont' mind the hygiene that is not followed and if u don't mind that the management doesn't look like they want to improve anything (neither the students) and if they cant understand to change the booking system to one hour per haircut instead of 30min then give it a go! enjoy it! the best for unemployed people living in this area.

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The four words you do not want to hear at the barbers..."It will grow back".
I should have known it was going to be a bad experience when my 'barber' spent about 20 minutes shakily sweeping his hands through my hair and looking at my head from 20 different angles.
He asked what I wanted, then proceeded to do what I assume was his 'usual', completely ignoring what I had said. He botched the hair around my ears - practically shaving a bald semicircle frame around them.
An hour of hell. Lesson learned. Never again.
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