Free Halloween Mask & 4 Other Free Costumes for all Little Big Planet owners @ Playstation Store
Just found this cool free Halloween mask for all you LBP gamers. Its a cool new costume to put your Sackboy in.

EDIT: Have just found 4 more free downloadable costumes that I will display in the comments box below.

To get your Sackboy costume simply go into Playstation Store, click Latest Content and scroll down to find the LBP downloadable content where you can download the free Halloween Mask.

Alternatively you can find Little Big Planet in the A-Z listing of games on the Playstation Store.

From the Store:
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly how you want. Download this additional costume to make hime really stand out from the crowd.

Note: to download this additional content you must already own LittleBigPlanet.

Enjoy ;-)


thanks - will get kids to do this after school!!!

its a bit late though

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its a bit late though

Still fun to have surely? I'm sure there was a spaceman one knocking about I will try to find now too.

EDIT: More free downloadable costumes found below.

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Also Available:

Sack-eating Plant Costume

Sack In The Box Costume


its a bit late though

It was released at halloween, but only posted now

got this one a few days ago before halloween, also if you can find a dark level to play on the cut out face of the pumpkin glows :-D

Free Pain and Fists of Plastic characters today too................

meh........some of these have been free since last year and the halloween one was also available last halloween.

Is that birthday costume still available? looked on the store today but couldn't find it

don't be so tough it is friday 13th ...


don't be so tough it is friday 13th ...


pls give a codes if you do want to give codes to me add me my name is megajai and sackhoad101
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