FREE Halo "Guilty Spark" Avatar Item
FREE Halo "Guilty Spark" Avatar Item

FREE Halo "Guilty Spark" Avatar Item

Also free halo avatar hoody and t-shirt; but there not as fun as the "Guilty Spark."

1. Download "Halo Waypoint" on the Xbox marketplace for free

2. Load it up and wait for the main menu. you will get a message saying you have unlocked an Avatar achievement with a picture of Guilty Spark

3. Go to avatar awards in the avatar creator



Thanks I'll take a look.

Looking on the web, the awards that unlock depend on how well you've done in the Halo games...

I've only played Halo 3 and not for long (hated it!), so I'll let you know if I manage to unlock anything


This is unlocked without doing anything or even having halo, got it ages ago, quite boring really like any avatar item, why you would pay for items in the first place I don't undestand, but good add-on for free

You can get some ODST gear by playing guess what ....ODST :P.

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For this just open up Halo Waypoint. I agree I would never pay for avatar clothing

thanks my lad loved this
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