Free Handwarmers

Free Handwarmers

Found 21st Nov 2007Made hot 21st Nov 2007
The offer is for one handwarmer per person.

Please note that this offer is open to addresses in the UK and Ireland only.

Website may be S-L-O-W

MYSQL Error:
- digi


Got to be hot!! ;-)

Ordered mine , website was v-e-r-y---s-l-o-w

Not quite what I expected but ordered anyway because its free.

28 days for delivery

Heat and rep added.

Sounds good but website is pants!

Can't see why the site is so slow! Maybe they'll deliver by Christmas 2008!

I just get -

The connection has timed outThe server at … The connection has timed outThe server at [url][/url] is taking too long to respond. * The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. * If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Didnt work for me either, filled in my details and the site timed out. Maybe its overloaded ? Been posted also on MSE.


I just get -

I've been waiting 5 minutes for the request to go through after filling in details. Still waiting. Ho, ho, ho. Just gone through after 7 minutes!:-(

just ordered my one ! thanks Blue sky, voted hot

Verrrry slow site but got there in the end.


Think we all know its slow. There is slow and slow, then you get tied out or error. Keep ttrying, hope they send out quicker than there site. Then we will all be hot hot hot

Phew!! fell asleep waitin:lazy: g

1 hand warmer? Is this to force you to purchase another so both your hands can be toasty warm?

Is it anything like the Beechams hot packs they were giving out last year, they were awesome?!


Thanks, ordered one for myself :santa: it is indeed slow, but worked!

Site doesnt work for me

No doesnt work for me either.

My hands are *always* this will come in handy!:thumbsup:

Argh, getting these errors:

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Resulted in following error:
Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)


MYSQL Error: [0: Connection error to server 'localhost' with user 'user12698'] in Connect(localhost, '****', '****', db12698)

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Slow, but worth it! Hopefully

Very strange, 1 Hand Warmer, not 1

Let the fighting commence, will it be the left or right hand thats


My hands are *always* this will come in handy!:thumbsup:

Loving your work

Just one glove? Shamone!

Thanks, finally got through!!

Took me loads of tries to get past the MySQL error but worked eventually \o/

Voted hot as my little hands will be lol

Good find Thanks.

I managed to order one for the girlfriend but the website looks broken now!

Voted Hot. let's see if they will come b4 winter


Just one glove? Shamone!

why is the glove shaped like a house? what the hell is it?

the site may be slow, but the welcome is BIG... with a hand warmer...

that was funnier in my head...

Thanks. Have ordered

ordered one eventually, I

Thanks op.

The website says that the offer is now closed.

Site not working.

Got one - eventually :thumbsup:

keep pressing enter when you click the url it should work eventually, did for me....:thumbsup:

order one eventually...haha^^

Bargain ... worked for me without problems... just a bit slow

will not work in firefox

worked in IE, just a little slow

not working. just says The Worcester site is currently down for maintenance at the moment.\n \n We will be back shortly.
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