FREE HD for 3 Months on BT SPORT

FREE HD for 3 Months on BT SPORT

Found 28th Nov 2014
Use link and add HD free for 3 months.

30 day contract so just cancel at start of month 3

Also in case people dont know, you can get HD through the chrome cast without adding HD on at all!


Nice, cheers mate.

However when I try to activate it I get "We can’t process this order online. Please call us on 0800 731 0286."

Anyone else getting that?

Ready for when I call, can you let me know how you came by the original offer please OP?

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Haven't bothered trying it myself.

Go to and a 'splash' page should appear with the link

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So you will just have to say your an arsenal fan

Gooner 4 life

Worked for me.. Thanks op!

Brilliant - glad I checked here before signing up - 9 quid saved - cheers OP!

Got mine thanks.

How does this Chromecast thing work? I have a smart TV, would I just plug it in? Could I record live TV from it, like on Sky +?
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