Free HD Gameloft game *limited time only* when you buy another

Free HD Gameloft game *limited time only* when you buy another

Found 21st Dec 2012
ok so I downloaded the amazing spiderman today and started installing it.
whilst doing that, a ad popped up saying about claiming a free hd game from Gameloft.
I decided to give it a try with uno and it leaded me to the download page without payment.
now this is a one shot on a selected game so choose wisely. I hope this helps
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Google play or iTunes?

Google play or iTunes?

"Shared Via The HUKD App For Android."

Probably Google Play I'm guessing
54 games available for your HTC One V ?

54 games available for your HTC One V ?

you download any hd gameloft from google play or the gameloft minisite, install it and it pops up with that ad while installing
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Bought ice age 4 doesnt work on my tablet and the website chose oregon trail as my free game which i didnt want !!!! and that game does work on my tablet doh
I'm very suspicious of Gameloft games on Android - in the Google Play store games that state they are compatible with my device don't work. I have tried 2 Gameloft games so far. 1 fails on licence checking so DRM is actually stopping me play and the second just doesn't get anywhere. Their customer service have replied BUT avoid any questions I put to them concerning refund.

Personally id be very wary of them in future. 99p is good but it's not good if the game doesn't work.
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