Free Headphones from Virgin Trains - Print Off Voucher (PDF)

Free Headphones from Virgin Trains - Print Off Voucher (PDF)

Found 15th Sep 2010
Free Headphones from Virgin Trains - Print Off Voucher

Free virgin trains branded headphones with their voucher.Please print the voucher and present to their staff member in the The Shop on Virgin Trains.
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direct link to PDF below

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Sorry to be dim, but have never noticed a shop aborad a virgin train. Do they mean the buffet car?
Well they do have a small shop, some where in the middle of the train i think where they sell stuff like drinks / sandwitches / chocolates etc...
The zombie game on the site is quite a good laugh. Put in your postcode and fight off zombies in your street
On the pendolino trains the shop is in carriage c. No idea what the headphones are like!
looking at the voucher Virgin seem to have stopped their on-board radio so are they just getting rid of their stock that presumably they used to charge people for. Good freebie though.
Could they not have made the voucher a little less red? I don't suppose many printers will have any red ink left in them are printing this off!
My boyf got a free pair today. They're good, and come in a plastic storage case. :-)
I printed the voucher off in grayscale to save on red ink!
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