Free Hedgehog Set
Free Hedgehog Set

Free Hedgehog Set

Might be good for kids - or just for info.

Through Hedgehog Street, we are asking people to become Hedgehog Champions to rally support from their neighbours and work together to create ideal hedgehog habitat throughout their street, estate or communal grounds.

Please sign up to receive a pack which will help you get started. The pack contains hedgehog factsheets which can be handed out to neighbours, posters to help advertise the project, tips and hints on how to get neighbours involved and how to keep them interested and a pack of action cards which explain what people can do in their gardens.

Sometimes people want to help wildlife but they either aren’t sure how to go about it or they think that doing something in their small patch won’t make a difference. This is why we are providing everything you need to do the project and explaining what you can do to make your whole street good for hedgehogs.


Thanks for this - My daughter loves hedgehogs !


Thanks taken many in over the years

Thank you. Hedgehogs are my daughters' favourite!

why can't they just share the hedge?

Ordered thanks i often get hedgies in my garden.

Ah love hedgehogs have signed up! Thanks

I thought Badgers lived in sets?


Found one in garden last year!
Didnt think they were THAT prickly - ouch! X)

do i get a free hedgehog with the pack? x

I hope some of us decide to donate to the cause to help them offset the cost of all those packs... I love hedgehogs!

You had a good opportunity to put a picture of the most famous hedgehog in the world.

Q.. Why did the Hedgehog cross the road?

A.. To visit his flatmate.......


Q.. Why did the Hedgehog cross the road?A.. To visit his flatmate.......

Ouch but good joke.

I used to run Leeds Wildlife Sanctuary until recently, so if anyone has any queries or problems they'd like a quick answer to, get in touch on [email protected]keech.net and I will answer them all.

Thanks very much

Haven't got the kit but I spotted a hedgehog snuffling around my garden last night about 7pm!

Cute little fella.
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