Free Hip Hop Album By Oxytocin

Free Hip Hop Album By Oxytocin

Found 9th Sep 2009
Oxytocin - Oxytocin
Genre: Hip-Hop
Oxytocin is a musical cooperative of developers who work at Harmonix. If you are familar with Harmonix it is probably because they are the wizs behind popular music video games such as the Guitar Heroes series and Rock Band. Yet Oxytoxin is totally different. The emphasis here is not rock or metal but hip-hop and it is hip-hop with high production values and professionalism that you usually do not see on free and legal internet hip-hop albums. Of the artists on this album, M-Cue seems to be the focus with two solo tracks and four collaborative tracks. He has a tight urban sound with good lyrics that come together quite well on True Praise. Ligeri and Inner Dialogue offer a haunting dialogue with soulfully goth background on Perfect. But I am totally nuts over Nays breathy contributions on Do It For Me, Sarah, and Fail Fail. Other tracks on this consistently good album are by Rob Lynch, Patrick Balthrop, and Kedaar. Leb, Chili, and Tarashi joins M-Cue on the collaborative tracks. We could use a lot more internet albums, hip-hop or otherwise, of this high quality.

The album is available in 256kbps MP3. Be aware that there are some explicit lyrics and parental discretion is advised

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