Free HMV Re/Play (Trade-In Price App) for Android / iPhone @ Android

Free HMV Re/Play (Trade-In Price App) for Android / iPhone @ Android

Found 3rd May 2011
Scan or look up your old games and find out what you can get for them.
This app allows you to scan or look up your old or unwanted games and find out how much cash or credit you can get for them and your nearest HMV store.
You can either trade them in against anything HMV sell or load your credit on to a gift card to spend at a later date.
If there is nothing you want to buy you can just exchange them for cash.
What are you waiting for… find out how much your games are worth now.

Can be found easily by simply searching "HMV" on the Market Place. Links to the app's can also be found below:
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Thanks for that, have a few things lying about I could ditch.
I used this in Gamestation the other day - remember, Gamestation match trade in prices and give an extra £1 if they are beaten - the store I was in accepted this as a method of verifying the competitor price
thanks for that, just got my iphone and this is a very useful app!
Ive lost count at the amount of times this has been posted.

Not seem before and super heat from me. Great app, just gone through my shelf for the heck of it and was surprised by some. Some games had no result despite them being current gen games (Too Human, Mass Effect2) but still a great find. I wish more shops had something like this, I know price change all the time but to even give us an idea would be nice.

Do Game price match at all ?. I have a £10 gift card that I want to get rid of so I was planing of getting a pre order from them and also selling a few games online. Also get double reward points for pre order..
But now I am torn between keeping the £10 card, trading in the games at HMV for a little more than I could get cash online and getting my pre order that way.

Decisions, decisions.
This app is brilliant. Used it loads to price match in Gamestation and Granger Games
I have an HTC Desire running MIUI, I can't download it because the Market says my phone isn't supported!
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