Free Hoax Cinema Tickets!

Free Hoax Cinema Tickets!

Found 28th Jul 2007
Follow the link click "enter promotional code" and hey presto free tickets.

Where can I see it?

Odeon, Panton Street
Vue, Cheshire Oaks
Vue, Plymouth
Vue, Birmingham
Vue, Portmouth
Odeon, Printworks Manchester
Odeon, Liverpool Switch Island
Odeon, Leeds/Bradford
Odeon, Lee Valley
Odeon, Edinburgh Kinnaird Park.

When is it?

31/07/07 6:30pm

- Ade2j
- ade2j

- ade2j



Original Poster

lmao dont believe i did all that and forgot the code :giggle:

None at Odeon, Leeds/Bradford

None at Lee Valley or Panton St : (


None at Lee Valley or Panton St : (

none at cheshire oaks

Damn! Really wanna see this!

None at plymouth either gutted

Reading the title, I wondered what I would do with fake cinema tickets, not really the best practical joke to do on someone - here you go, here's some pretend cinema tickets!

Well I went to see this last night... it was ok... but far from being a blockbuster..... I looked on a website and it was given 7.5 out of 10. I would have to give it around 4. But it was a freebie.... so I cannot complain....
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