Free Holistic Pet Food Samples
Free Holistic Pet Food Samples

Free Holistic Pet Food Samples

Receive two 50g bags of holistic pet food, scroll down their page and fill in their pet health questionnaire.

Holistic Approach to Health in Dogs

Eczema, itchy skin, excess shedding, hot spots, waxy ears, runny eyes, tooth tarter, bad breath, hyperactive, chewing feet, colitis, IBS, pancreanitis, epilepsy, overfull **** glands and many more health issues.

Natural, holistic dog food using the most natural, healthy ingredients. Developed by George Burns with passion and principle for caring and thinking dog owners who want the best for their dogs!


link dont work

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link dont work

Sorry try this and then click on SAMPLE at the top of the page


I feed my dogs this, it's top quality food, they are on robbies which looks like rabbit food lol, i have two very fussy staffies both with allergies and they can't wait for this when it's being prepared ( you ned to add warm water and let it steep). I pay £48 a bag and it lasts about 2 months so don't let the price put you off

oh yes you will get a free £5 off voucher as well when you request the samples

"We have had a number of sample requests from Russia and the Balkan Countries. Please note that we do not send samples or sell products in this part of the world yet."

"At the present time - we do NOT have a cat food!"

link still not working
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