Free HP 6720 Laptop when you sign up to a mobile broadband contract + £60 QuidCo

Free HP 6720 Laptop when you sign up to a mobile broadband contract + £60 QuidCo

Found 16th Mar 2008
Available on T-Mobile when you buy the USB modem for £200 and pay a monthly charge of £20 on a 24 month contract with 3GB monthly data allowance. This is £680 for the modem, line rental and data usage for 2 years.

Also available on 3 with a FREE USB modem, 3GB monthly allowance, £35 per month for 18 months and 200 free texts per month. That works out just slightly cheaper at £630.

The laptop is listed as a HP 6720... i can't give the exact spec as it seems that this covers a range of laptops.

Purchase via for £60 in cashback. Remember to remove the TWO insurance packages they add to your basket as they add up to about £15 per month extra!!


-3 gb download allowance are we back with the dinosaurs?
I print a retraction sorry did not realise it was a mobile offer but not really much of a deal otherwise

Bear in mind this lappy retails at about £400 inc vat at HP store.

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this one is £200 for the dongle plus £630 thats £830

No it's not. :? It's £200 + £480 = £680


3 gb download allowance are we back with the dinosaurs?

Not at all. Boradband anywhere isn't for heavy usage: it's to check emails and do other important stuff on the go.


Bear in mind this lappy retails at about £400 inc vat at HP store.

Thank you! It's worth it if you need the lappy and mobile connection together.

1) ...& then you can walk into the local VODAFONE store .. Buy the 'dongle' with a 12 month 3GB contract (which they 'sell out' for the last few weeks) for 15 £ / month (they promote their .. supposed to be 'higher transfer speeds' with NEW USB STICK-modem version ...) and sell the 220 dongle out.

2) SAME is current offer in 3 .. same 'dongle' (locked to THREE of course) same condition 12 months 3 GIG 15 £ / month.

3) Buy the LAPTOP from Curry's - even a 17 " screen one . Core Duo2, 120 Gig HD, Vista Premium...
see ealier posting ... 256 £ .. shipped to your home / or picked in STORE.

its and ADVENT ... machine .. (= Medion- Gericom Laptop / a European Supplier /= ALDI)

Looks good .. is available in almost all the Curry Digital stores as well ... (you ask for the price .. of their INTERNET OFFER...) .. again see Hot UK deal:thumbsup: listing earlier...

Good Hunting... and don't be screwed ... by the T-MOBILE offer

or wait a bit and watch the prices tumble as always

ps hmmm why do the providers need 24 month contracts, what deals will there be soon, probably half this as three already advertise £10 a month, dont be haisty for a free lappy.

BTW if you are on AOL just threaten to cancel if your out of contract, they fall over themselves tryin to keep you, jus dont sign for another contract tho.

You know, you can get an MDA Vario III from T-Mobile on a Flext 35 tariff with web'n'walk plus (3GB FUP applies) for £42.50 per month and get £180 worth of calls/text per month and use the phone as a modem for your laptop in the same way this modem functions? The Vario III doubles up as an internet sharing modem via wireless network, HSDPA and 3G. So, if you're after a new mobile phone contract, and a modem, the Vario III will do you. Oh, it's an 18 month contract too. So, for £765, you get a brand new WM6 PDA phone with built-in GPS, Wireless receiver, HSDPA enabled and £180 spend on the contract (approximately 900 minutes of talk time per month), plus HSDPA/3G internet access through the phone itself, or with a lappy. The Vario III is the same phone as the HTC Kaiser/Tytn II. Why bother paying separately for a modem when you can get a phone that does the same thing and gives you 900 minutes talk time per month?

Always make me smile these broadband with 'Free Laptop' deals....then when you work it out you'd be better off getting broadband from virtually anywhere and buying a lappy off the high street.

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