FREE HTC DESIRE 18 month contract 500 mins Unlimited Texts & Internet £27.50 @ PHONES4U
FREE HTC DESIRE 18 month contract 500 mins Unlimited Texts & Internet £27.50 @ PHONES4U

FREE HTC DESIRE 18 month contract 500 mins Unlimited Texts & Internet £27.50 @ PHONES4U

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This deal is on the orange network offering 500 mins and unlimited texts and internet (500mb fair usage). Handset is free so no up front cost and only an 18 month contract at £27.50. Seems like a good deal for those who missed out on the £25 a month deal plus you get 200 more minutes a month for £2.50 so suited to people who make more calls.

And a possible £35 cashback via quidco / topcashback


unlimited beer (2 pints fair usage)

Thats pretty decent. Been looking to get this phone for a while on various networks. Have you seen how much its gone up to on t-mobile, its £380 for the phone and a £25 a month contract for 24 months. This a great deal in comparison... I'm going to get it before it goes up even more. I think 500mb internet will be enough for me, I have WiFi at home and work... woohoo. Voted Hot!

I'm up for a renewal next month on T-Mobile, can't see me staying with these persistent price hikes. They had some very good deals a few weeks ago and I suspect they have been badly burned by the popularity and are now seeking to recoup.

I know what you mean. I saw a Desire t-mobile deal a couple of weeks ago for £15 a month 300mins 300texts 3gb internet free addon and phone one off price of £129. Rang them up a couple of days later and it went up to £191 and they basically laughed at me. Those Mooks! orange is taking them over anyway

I recommended this phone to a friend and she is so happy with it, paid £164 then £10 a month for 24 months with T-Mobile. There's nothing even close to that deal now with them.

I ordered this phone the other day from Phones4U and just got a call from them. I was informed that my order would have to be cancelled as the phone was now out of stock and Orange wouldn't be supplying any more stock because of a problem with the screen on the Desire (apparently you can't view the screen properly in sunlight).

Now many folk might believe this ******** story, but when he then asked "are there any other handsets you are interested in and we can fulfil your order", it was pretty clear that this guy just tried to feed me this crap so that i'd still carry on with the order with a different handset. Also, the desire is still listed on the Orange website, and no mention of this "fault" anywhere else.

Feeling a bit ****** off at them and will not consider buying from them EVER again.

Mods, please expire. Phones4u now only have this on Vodafone.
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