Free Huggies Baby Beginning Basket
Free Huggies Baby Beginning Basket

Free Huggies Baby Beginning Basket

To offer a little helping hand, HUGGIES® has created the new Baby Beginnings Basket, packed with all those essentials for the busy new mum. Available free and exclusively to all new TESCO Baby Club members*, the new Baby Beginnings Basket contains a selection of essential baby care products including:

For cleansing delicate little bottoms, HUGGIES® Pure Wipes offer gentle cleaning like cotton wool and water and HUGGIES® research is supported by the British Skin Foundation.
Coughs and sneezes can be harsh on baby and runny little noses can be soothed by KLEENEX® Balsam Tissues.
TESCOs My Babys Bedtime Powder will leave your newborns skin feeling silky and dry after every bath time.
The handy muslin has a multitude of uses, including mopping up those little messes and can make an excellent emergency bib!
New HUGGIES® Baby Beginnings Basket also contains an adorable little teddy, soft and comforting, to comfort and sooth even the most restless newborn, providing handy distraction during those nappy changes or a bed time friend.
The first year with your baby will be filled with special little moments every minute of the day and to help you to remember each and every one of them, HUGGIES® has created a special record book, so that you have a wonderful memento of all those important milestones first steps, first words....the first everything.
And finally, as a little something extra, the HUGGIES® little book of money saving coupons offers you money off of HUGGIES® nappies and KLEENEX® Balsam Tissues, as well as a handy 250 extra clubcard points when you spend £15 on your baby essentials.
How to claim your FREE baby basket
If you're pregnant or a parent with a baby under 3 months, join the TESCO Baby & Toddler Club by:
Calling 0800 591 688
Or signing up online
Or pick up an application form in store
You will then be sent a coupon for a FREE HUGGIES® Baby Beginnings Basket in your fist Club mailing.
Simply bring the coupon into store, and purchase a pack of HUGGIES® Newborn nappies. Please take to Baby Beginnings Basket to the checkout with your coupon to redeem for free.

*Subject to availability in selected UK Tesco stores. Offer available if youre pregnant or if your baby is under 3 months old when you join the club.


Voted as cold as I signed up to the tesco baby club when I found out I was pregnant and still haven't received my voucher. I phoned once and spoke to customer services and also emailed but still have never received anything.
Has anyone got their vouchers?

Yes i recieved my vouchers and was able to recieve my basket.

Got my vouchers pretty quick from what I remember and my LO is only 6 months old. Also had loads of point snet out recently and went the other day and spent abot £20 and got over 1000 points!! Voted hot !!:thumbsup:

why did u vote cold just coz u didnt recive yours ? this is a great offer thought it was just boots that did a little pressie xx voted hot xx ty

not received yet but voted hot hop it comes.

voted cold, so you don't get your hopes up if it doesn't turn up.
It's not a hot deal if you never get the freebie is it!

My DIL is due in a couple of weeks, she had no problem getting hers and was delighted with it.
Voted hot !

got my voucher no problem but when i took it to my tesco's they had none left and the coupon expired the next day :x looks like a nice gift for those who get it tho

did get a free papmpers changing bag from boots the other day with a voucher from their baby club - you have to buy a pack of pampers to get the bag for free - i bought newborn pack at about £3.60 and used a pampers voucher for £1 off so nappies plus bag cost £2.60 :thumbsup:

I filled in all the forms for the club and never got anything at all - about a year ago now. Very disappointing.

Yep I never recieved anything from them for this offer either.

Have you joined the HIPP club online. That is quite good, they send you money off vouchers and little gifts in the post like bibs, spoons etc. I also sent a picture in of my little baby eating his HIPP food and they sent me a hamper as a prize - recieved today.

just done mine

I re registered and received my voucher a few weeks after (around 6 - 8 weeks) the baskets isn't very exciting though, deff worth it if you are buying the nappies anyway but I would never pay the £11 odd asking price for it I would be very disappointed if it wasn't a freebie!

try joining up again if you would be getting the nappies anyway!

Just got my voucher, thanks original poster
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