Free Hullo Voice Mail
Free Hullo Voice Mail

Free Hullo Voice Mail

Free Voice Mail for your mobile phone. Mainly iphone, Blackberry & Android but others included as well.

Signed Up and looks good and free as well. Sends you an email with the voice mail attached & other features

Excellent for those with Free minutes but contract charges you to get your voicemail !!


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Why all the cold votes then ??

It would be nice to know of a better deal

thanks, i put it on my blackberry. I like seeing who's left me a message now rather than the traditional 150 dialling...

I signed up 2 weeks ago, it works well and saves voicemail charges on T-Mobile

Looks good to me, saves me money on T-Mobile

thanks for posting...
I'd been using this since i became tmobile customer 3 months ago. I have unlimited landline calls booster so i dont have to pay to listen to my voice mails. also they send you a free text message to let you know who called you.

tried to setup for the daughter on her PAYG O2 iphone, Hullomail message states that it doesn't support it even though the option is within the account setup.
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