Free ice skating for emergency services staff (Various Locations) @ Arena

Free ice skating for emergency services staff (Various Locations) @ Arena

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Arena has announced plans to give back to the local community this winter, with free ice skating for the emergency services at four managed ice rinks in London, Cambridge, Liverpool and Manchester.

A free ice skating session will be offered to members of the NHS, Police, Fire Brigade and Military from 18 to 20 November, when they show a valid ID badge to box office staff.

The three-day event will take place at the Tower of London Ice Rink, The North Pole Cambridge, Liverpool Christmas Ice Festival and Skate Manchester Cathedral Gardens.
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With the cutbacks lately.
This could be a mode of transport over the coming months.. 😁
They might come in handy; in case someone is unfortunate to have an accident whilst skating!
Heat added. Thank you for posting, I’ll let my colleagues know as well! Will be a nice treat after a tough few months x
Stand with our firefighters. Fight against government cutbacks that have claimed so many lives.
Voted hot.
Such a cynical ploy - notice it's only for the member themselves, not any family.

How many serving members are going to go ice skating alone?

And how many would have gone with their families without this offer?

Strikes me as just a cynical way to increase their takings whilst projecting an image of caring.
£2 cloakroom fee for storing bags, etc.
And the risk of queuing I guess (never been to this one so no idea how its location and foot traffic of tourists affects things in practice).
Cold from me. I also may be cynical, but I see this as a calculated advertising ploy. This costs them nothing so what are they 'giving' to the community. And as other comments have pointed out, there is no mention of the families, nor is there a mention of other important public services such as social care, charity workers etc.
Great idea
In Boris's tory boy world there is no such thing as "free". but he would like you to think there was.
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