Free iDrag toilet paper game
Free iDrag toilet paper game

Free iDrag toilet paper game

Free for a limited time from itunes, idrag free from coconut island


★#1 Top Free Apps in US,UK,Deutschland,Canada,France,Italy,Sweden,Japan,HongKong★
Have you ever had the impulse to drag the whole roll of toilet paper at one go?
Now you can realize your evil idea just in iDragPaper!

iTunes Reviews:
"This is the best game in history. I could not have liked a better game than this one."
"An amazing game that is so simple but fun. A must buy that is great to play with your family"
"It is a Perfect idiot's game."
"This is a stupid pointless game."

Someone like it, someone hate it. To make your choice, download and play!
A player from Touch Arcade forum told us a story about this game:
"My nephews and I really enjoyed playing this game the other night. We tried to find the best strategy to unroll the paper, back n forth finger sliding, long strokes from top to bottom, short strokes, turning the phone toward you, away from you, and a bunch of other ideas. My nephew Mark had the best time at 9 seconds."
Yes, it's a funny game for you and your kids.
So, what is it?

Click Start to start the game.
Swipe the screen to drag the toilet paper.
Drag the paper as fast as you can and possibly you are in the top ten.
Take the challenge now and have fun!


idragpaper free has always been free and always will be, I assume it's the free version because in your description it says
"#1 Top Free Apps in US,UK,Deutschland,Canada,France,Italy,Sweden,Japan,HongKong"
and the full version still 59p.

Wat is the point of putting this on. All aps that state free on them are free. And the ones you got to buy are not free as this one for the full version is 59p as stated by spriggan. I'm votin cold

I've got a friend who got this and said it was rubbish. Even though it was free she ended up deleting it because it was so mundane!! It's more fun when you do it in your own bathroom rather than virtually!
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