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FREE iMobie PhoneClean Pro LifeTime License (for PC & Mac)
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FREE iMobie PhoneClean Pro LifeTime License (for PC & Mac)

Posted 13th Jan 2014
PhoneClean perfectly kept the storage cleanup, privacy security & performance tune-up features of the previous version. Via a thorough scanning, it digs out the most overlooked but storage-consuming junks includes temp download files, the redundant system usage report & app crash logs generated by iOS and even the iTunes Radio cached text or image files for the recently played albums and podcasts. It's also an excellent iPhone privacy care solution, uniquely designed to find and list all SMS, iMessages, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches, and other private data, so that users can choose which of them are sensitive and supposed to get removed.

iMobie is giving them away through "Pay with a tweet" link, however I realise the license code is always the same:

Merry X-mas & Congratulations on your winning of iMobie PhoneClean Pro Giveaway License (for PC & Mac)!

Here is your holiday gift:
PhoneClean Pro

Download Link: imobie.com/pho…htm

If you feel our PhoneClean is good to use, then please don't hesitate to spread a word on it.

Wish you had a wonderful holiday!

Your iMobie Team

* License notes: 1. The license code above is NFR one and all rights are reserved by iMobie Inc.
2. It's full functional and for life-time use of the current version.
3. Each license code works for both PC and Mac.
4. No free upgrade and technical support is available.

CNET rates 4/5 stars (Excellent) for this product and good user reviews
LifeHacker: lifehacker.com/598…ace

I personally just cleared up 1.24GB of space on my iPhone!
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I had version 2 on this software .. Heat
This has already been posted hasn't it
I used a previous version in the past but for some reason it's not on my PC any more and I couldn't remember what it was called - thanks!
Edited by: "jamie60509" 14th Jan 2014
CCLEANER for iPhone/iPad/iPod - Excellent software!
Edited by: "antdav" 14th Jan 2014

This has already been posted hasn't it

This time you get the Pro version for free and it's a lifetime license.
Edited by: "voodoomox" 14th Jan 2014
The instructions on how to get the code and the code were in the other post? That's how I got my pro version.
Yeah I got mine from the other post too
Nice one Op!

Just what i've been looking for and the license etc works perfectly!

how do you apply the code?
Won't give an option to enter serial number can only download free version

Won't give an option to enter serial number can only download free version

You enter the serial code when you use the software and click "Buy"
Worked now thanks, I'd like to point out you must install software, connect phone or device then you have the option to upgrade to pro and enter key, heat added!
Can i download in iPhone 4?
thanks a lot!
Where do I enter the code? I've installed the programme on my mac, started programme, now what?
Works brilliantly, thank you. It just removed 5GB of crap from my iPhone, I'm thrilled!
Worked perfectly! Heat
Thanks alot buddy.. it works smoothly... big biiiiiiig thanx again
I Appreciate your work
Still works awesome
It works on version 3.4, too.
hy bro thanks for the great sharing of Imobie PhoneClean 3 License Code it is a nice post
Thank you soooo much iv been wanting to clean my phone out for so long but didnt want to pay $20!!

Life saver
Still works!

Still works!

Not on Yosemite though, which is a pity.

Worked for me (Windows 7)! THANKS a lot! This was a life saver!!!
Code just worked for me, thanks
Thanks fpr heads up.

This still works.

Many thanks
really useful thankyou so much
Bless your soul
Still works on the latest version
You are my favorite person! This still works!
For what it's worth, I just downloaded the now current version (as of August 4th, 2015) in the U.S., plugged in the provided License Code (many thanks!!), and it worked perfectly! HOWEVER, having said that it's worth noting that almost half of the functionality appears to be disabled if your iOS device is currently running 8.4. The greyed out features display a message when you click on them that they are aware of the issues 8.4 has presented and are working on a fix they hope to release "soon" (or words to that effect). But again - for the price I'm happy to evaluate the software, and to certainly be patient! Regards from the U.S.
Awwwww awesome it's working thank you so much
Serial don't work with new version
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