Free in flight meals

Free in flight meals

Found 4th Nov 2007
Just returned from a Thomas Cook package holiday , did not bother booking the in flight meals as the are £12 per adult and £6 per child , however i did not know (and was not told )that if you fly with First Choice as many of the Thomas Cook bookings do , you will get these as complimentary , spoke to the flight attendants and they say that all tour ops that end up on First Choice flights recieve free meals , however i believe they charge poeple who have booked with them ? Worth checking with your tour op first, may save you a few quid and was'nt actually that bad but the fact it was free may have helped !! cheers all .


I have just flown with first choice as a first choice customer and i didn't get a free meal.i had the choice and didn't pay,but if they are giving meals to other operators customers that also haven't paid,then that sucks. :x

It depends, I've had about a 70% success rate in getting free meals even when you don't pay. However, it has always been an honor system. Sometimes, they just give them out. Sometimes they specifically ask you if you purchased a meal. I know some people lie on board (I've seen people laughing after telling them yes, and also winking at the waitress), but I don't.

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Point taken , we were asked if we had ordered meals and when we replied that we had not, we were then asked who we had booked with , stating that we had booked with Thomas Cook we were then given our free meals , people who were with first choice were told they could purchase them on the flight if they required a meal !! I don't blame them for getting a bit Peed Off as i don't expect the price difference reflects this fact , as stated perhaps it is just pot luck, so in that case i would wait till i was on the plane and purchase at the same price if i did require a meal as you may get a freebie.

Given a choice I never opt to pay for meals. I've always had one though. I specifically told them I hadn't paid for one on one flight and they just looked bemused and placed it in front of me anyway.

Last flight i was on the people who booked meals were put to the front of the plane and everyone else at the back. Got half way down the cablin thinking they havent asked anyone if they ordered the meal im on to a winner but she turned back

why would you want one anyway they are the most disgusting meal i have ever seen and tasted.

last time i flew on thomsonfly, i asked to be put as far forward as possible in the plane, the dumb check in lady put me in first!

i never pay for meals on a plane they should be free as they are so disgusting yuck the smell of them makes me heave id rather have food at the airport first and eat snacks on the plane


i've found from experience that you nearly always get free in-flight meals if you book with one tour operator but fly with a third party. it seems that the tour operator block books the seats and doesn't tell the airline which meals are to be provided.
so far this year i booked a holiday in greece with thomas cook and flew with thomson, and booked for ibiza with airtours and flew with iberworld. both times with meals provided without paying. its always worth looking at the flight details and if its not the tour operators own flight then chances are you'll get free meals

ive flown with thomson asked for a low fat meal got a small salad chicken and pasta in tomato sauce side salad too lovely n fresh also extra fruit.
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