Free .INFO domain name @ Freeola
Free .INFO domain name @ Freeola

Free .INFO domain name @ Freeola

Freeola are giving away £50,000 worth of .info domains.

No credit card details required.

1. freeola.com/ and sign up

2. freeola.com/giv…way - click login and choose free domain

Follow all the details such as the domain name, name, address etc

Wait until you receive an email from them confirming your domain name has been set up.


Just to add to this it's only for one year.

.info domains are about as valuable as this, don't embarrass yourself.

I had to click through 2 or 3 links to get to the part that really matters, the Terms.

What worries me is this bit

2.3 The Services Free Of Charge are intended for use in conjunction with a Freeola 0845 Dial-up internet connection or
a paid regular subscription to one or more of the Freeola Services. Any circumvention of this requirement
constitutes a breach of these Terms & Conditions. Some of the Services Free Of Charge are provided only with
specific Freeola Services.

I wonder if you can only update the site by dialup, once you sign up via broadband like most of the people wanting to give it a go, might be using.

Any road up, here is the section relating to this offer

16. Freeola and Get Dotted Domain Name Registration
16.1. Freeola and Get Dotted offer the registration of available Domain Names as unique internet addresses for use as
web site addresses or email addresses. Domain Name registrations require periodic renewal or will otherwise lapse
and may become available again to the general public. Registrants may offer their Domain Name registrations for
sale on the open market and registrations are transferable subject to stringent procedures and rules imposed by
domain authorities.
16.2. Domain Name registrations will normally be handled by Get Dotted - a division and trading name of Freeola Limited
established as a domain registrar. Any references to Freeola or Get Dotted in these Terms & Conditions refer to
the same entity.
16.3. Freeola & Get Dotted have no prior claim on any rights whatsoever to the use of Domain Names which You as the
registrant have paid Us to register on Your behalf.
16.4. Domain Name availability and registrant information displayed on Our web sites relies upon information supplied
by the domain authorities. We provide this information in good faith but We do not warrant it to be accurate,
complete, up to date or available at all times.
16.5. Domain Names successfully registered by Get Dotted will be registered using the details You supply as the
registrant. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information for this purpose. You acknowledge that
the process of Domain Name registration may take several days from application and the rules of acceptance are
controlled by the relevant domain authority.
16.6. You agree not to register offensive words or any construction which may infringe the trademarks, trading names or
property rights of others within Your Domain Names. Successful registration of a Domain Name does not imply the
legal right to use that Domain Name or any entitlement to hold that registration and We will not investigate such
rights or entitlements. You acknowledge that the relevant domain authority has the right to withdraw offending
Domain Names and under such circumstances We will not be liable for any compensation or refund.
16.7. By registering a Domain Name with Get Dotted You agree that it is Your sole responsibility to comply with the
terms and conditions of the relevant domain authority including but not limited to Your full compliance in the event
of an officially lodged domain dispute or dispute resolution procedure. Neither We nor our directors, officers,
employees or servants nor any expert shall be liable to a party for anything done or omitted in connection with any
proceedings under any dispute resolution procedure unless the act or omission is shown to have been in bad faith.
16.8. You acknowledge that Freeola has no choice but to comply with any request made as part of an official dispute
resolution procedure including but not limited to the transfer of Your Domain Name to another party and in such
cases Freeola shall not be liable to You for any refund or compensation.
16.9. You acknowledge that unless You renew Your Domain Name registrations before their expiry dates then Your
Domain Name registration will lapse and this may cause You to lose all rights to Your Domain Name. Freeola
Services cannot be used in conjunction with Domain Names which have expired. You agree and acknowledge that
responsibility for renewing Your Domain Name registrations before their expiry dates rests solely with You. Get
Dotted will attempt to contact You prior to the expiry date of Your Domain Name registrations but We do not
guarantee or warrant that such communications will reach You.
16.10. You may transfer in Domain Names registered by You with another domain registrar so they are managed through
Freeola and Get Dotted to enable them to be used in conjunction with the Freeola Services. Or You may transfer
out Domain Names registered by You to another domain registrar subject to payment of Our published
administration charge. Such transfers constitute a transfer of registrar not a change of registrant. The process of
transferring a Domain Name from one registrar to another is controlled by the relevant domain authority.
16.11. Payment of a registration fee or renewal fee or administration fee to Get Dotted does not imply acceptance. Where
it transpires that a Domain Name applied for is unavailable, delayed, declined or for any reason the registration is
cancelled by any authority or if any error or technical fault by any party results in the loss of the Domain Name
after payment of a registration fee or renewal fee or administration fee then You may be reimbursed in full the fee
paid but You shall not be entitled to any further compensation.
16.12. If We inform You that Your Domain Name registration or renewal or change of details was successful You agree to
personally double-check this for Your own diligence by verifying that the correct details of the Domain Name
registrant and expiry date appear in the domain authority's WHOIS output. You may do this by entering the
domain name into the normal search box at Getdotted.com where one click on an underlined domain normally
reveals the WHOIS data for that domain including the name of the person to whom the Domain Name is registered
and the expiry or renewal date.
16.13. You are entitled to host Your Domain Names for use in conjunction with Freeola Services providing You registered
the Domain Name through Get Dotted or You transferred in the Domain Name to Get Dotted management.
16.14. We shall be entitled to remove hosting entitlement and delete any associated files without notice for any expired
Domain Name or any Domain Name which in Our opinion is rude, offensive or otherwise unsuitable for a general
audience similar to, for the purpose of example, that of a major tabloid newspaper.
16.15. Freeola reserves the right to show temporary advertising content on the web site of any Domain Name You have
registered with Get Dotted or hosted with Freeola where You have not yet uploaded any web pages of Your own.


.info domains are about as valuable as this, don't embarrass yourself.

Depends on your use, Im pay about 65p a year for them and each one gives me unlimited email addresses that are semi disposable, if too much spam starts creeping through that domain I block it.

Not good!

[COLOR="Blue"]Thank you for your recent submission and request for your free .info domain name provided by Freeola and GetDotted. Unfortunately your request for the domain name xxxxxxxxxxxx.info has been unsuccessful at this time. This is because our moderators believed that your request was not in keeping with the terms of the offer.[/COLOR]

I got mine few days back. Now I have to get cheap webhosting.

Note: Your profile (freeola) details and the domain details should match up. Otherwise it's most likely to get your request rejected.


I got mine few days back. Now I have to get cheap webhosting.

000webhost.com/ is free and doesn't have any ads. I have only basic needs, so it's fine for me.
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