Free info pack on cycling in your area
Free info pack on cycling in your area

Free info pack on cycling in your area

Get on your bike! Since the summer is (allegedly) just around the corner, why not find out where you can get out on your bike?

Sustrans is offering you a free information pack to help you get out and about by bike. We are the charity behind many practical and groundbreaking projects including the National Cycle Network, over 12,000 miles of traffic-free, quiet lanes and on-road walking and cycling routes around the UK. 75% of you live within two miles of the Network so why not use it to get to work or school, the shops or just for exercise and fun?

NB: Please be aware that we aim to despatch the packs within 14 working days.


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Thanks. Might help me lose a few pounds :thumbsup:

hubby will be interested in this

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Nice one, don't suppose you've got maps of off road tracks or DH parks?

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Thanks, Saintee unfortunately I sold my bike to a mystical hobo that also stole my shoes the rasclart. Voted Hot, just like my toenail.

Thanks! Would help if I had a bike to ride..will do eventually!

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I have a cycle track near me and it says

NO CYCLING - Cyclists must demount


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