Free Information - A wide range of literature offering health and nutrition tips
Free Information - A wide range of literature offering health and nutrition tips

Free Information - A wide range of literature offering health and nutrition tips

We have a wide range of literature offering health and nutrition tips, delicious recipes for the whole family and lots of interesting information about cans, canning and canned foods in general.

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Open the Can for Healthy Eating
Were constantly being told how important it is to eat healthily and ensure that we receive the correct intake of vitamins and minerals, but with a busy lifestyle its not always that easy. Open the Can for Healthy Eating has lots of useful information about the nutritional benefits of canned food.

Everyday Nutrition
Remembering which nutrients you need each day and the best foods to obtain them from can be far from simple. Broadcaster Philippa Forrester and Canned Food UK have devised Everyday Nutrition, a wallchart that highlights where to find your daily intake of the right amount of nutrients, every day.

CAN-veniently Nutritious
The nutritional fact cards and recipes in CAN-veniently Nutritious shows that even those of us who are most strapped for time can make our everyday diet much healthier. Its 12 fact cards provide nutritional information and recipes for a range of dietary needs and feature advice from specialist organisations including Diabetes UK, The Vegetarian Society and the National Osteoporosis Society.

Switch 2
Switch 2 Canned Food, created by celebrity chef James Martin and Canned Food UK, is a must-have information guide comprising 20 exciting recipe cards, which provide culinary solutions for all occasions. It demonstrates how, by including canned food in your diet, you can easily create nutritious, delicious and affordable meals that help you stay healthy, save time and give great value for money.

10 Minute Tasters
Canned Food UK and the UKs leading celebrity personal trainer, Matt Roberts, have developed Ten Minute Tasters, a handy, pocket sized pack of quick, tasty recipes and simple exercises that offers expert advice on how to eat healthily and exercise within a tight time schedule.

Off the Shelf
Canned Food UK, celebrity chef James Martin and Focus on Food, the UKs foremost food education programme for schools, have created Off The Shelf; a handy booklet packed with recipes and healthy eating advice that gives parents easy access to nutritional information for children of all ages. Off The Shelf aims to help parents introduce and develop healthy but fun eating habits in their children for life.

Cans in the Classroom
Cans in the Classroom is a useful educational resource pack for schools. If you want to teach your class about nutrition and health, Focus On Food and Canned Food UK have devised a pack containing a full range of teacher resources for Key Stage Two, including classroom activities and fun recipes.

Hard copies of complete packs are available to schools only. Please note there might be a short delivery delay due to high demand.

The Lifecycle of a Can
The Lifecycle of a Can is a poster taken from the Cans in the Classroom eductional pack and is a very useful pictorial view of how cans are made and recycled and is available to all.

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