Free Innocent Veg Food Pots @ Click Tools
Free Innocent Veg Food Pots @ Click Tools

Free Innocent Veg Food Pots @ Click Tools

Fancy something different for lunch? Why not try an innocent veg pot - a delicious meal made from 3 portions of veg, wholegrains and tasty sauce, with herbs and spices. There are 8 delicious recipes to choose from and they're ready in just 4 minutes.

If you're desperately racking your brains for how to impress your boss, then rack no more. To get a bunch of our tasty veg pots delivered to you and your esteemed colleagues for free.

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This is a promo to get free business lunches for staff

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And then click on link in second paragraph. To save you wasting time checking I have cut and paste below


Fancy impressing your boss or just being more popular with your workmates?

Simply pop your details in below and we’ll come over one lunchtime and deliver our tasty veg pots to your office. For free. Office love made easy.

Sign yourself up right here*.

*We can’t promise that we’ll be able to visit everybody but we‘ll try our very best.

1. Your name:
2. Office name:
3. Address line 1:
4. Address line 2:
5. Address line 3:
6. Address line 4:
7. Postcode:
8. Your e mail address (we will email you a week before we come to visit with your free lunch):
9. Your phone number (we will call or text you on the day to make sure you’re in):
10. How many people are there in your office?:
11. If you’re in a huge office, how many people are in your department?:
12. In case you aren’t around when we pop by, please could you give us the name and contact details of someone else we could contact?

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thanks - fingers crossed.

How cool Iove these lets hope we get a visit, my staff will love me

can not seem to get this right?!

this is a competition


Got an email from them. Expecting mine to be delivered later on today. Ordered 8, can't wait

We recently had the guys from Innocent come to my work with 25 pots for the team plus gave us a load of 50p off vouchers too plus theyre on buy one get one free at sainsburys if anyone is too impatient to wait for they're freebies
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