Free Instant MBA [Kindle Edition] @ Amazon
Free Instant MBA [Kindle Edition] @ Amazon

Free Instant MBA [Kindle Edition] @ Amazon

also available is Turn your sales force into profit heroes: How to Unlock Your Team's Inner Strength [Kindle Edition]

Another Free Kindle Book Not For Me But Ideal for MBA Business Studies Students
The benefits of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be massive: fast-track career advancement, a big fat wage packet, the whole high-flying top-notch executive lifestyle. But studying for an MBA isn't something to decide to do lightly - it's a big investment to take a year or more out of your career path or commit endless week-ends to a part-time version, and for many the cost of either of these options is prohibitive. "Instant MBA" is the must-have guide to making the most of yourself and your career prospects, whether you're studying for an MBA or just out to improve your prospects while you work. Covering all the latest in MBA thinking, "Instant MBA" will impart the MBA thinking, language and models necessary to accelerate your career advancement. Designed to enable readers to think, perform and hopefully earn like a top MBA student, "Instant MBA" is packed with inspiring and expert practical advice on everything you need to know, from the original tried-and-tested business models to the newer aspects such as emotional intelligence and inspirational leadership that modern MBA courses are now embracing.

Product Description
There are thousands of new products and services which are launched every year. Their potential for success is massive but many simply do not succeed. The reasons for failure could be numerous - too soon to market, consumer trends changing or customer resistance, for example. People often ascribe failure to such theories, amongst many others, when every other indicator promises success. So how can businesses make their products successful? One thing's for sure, converting failure to success does not involve investing tens of thousands of pounds in professional consulting organisations to tell the sales people what to do. The real secret lies in breeding a philosophy of mentoring where line managers learn to produce exceptional performance by getting their sales team to execute the basics brilliantly and, more importantly, be passionate about what they do. In ‘Turn your sales force into profit heroes’ Peter Brook reveals a world where top performance is achieved through a motivated, passionate sales team who will stop at nothing to ensure that every product or service is given a chance to deliver its absolute potential. That true success is waiting just around the corner.
About the Author
In co-founding REL Sales Consulting Peter Brook brought with him 20 years of experience with four major FMCG businesses which had taken him to over 35 countries. Peter had spent his early career in pub retailing in the UK before moving onto more internationally focused roles. Immediately prior to establishing REL Sales Consulting Peter was embedding and co-authoring a significant global change programme focused on equipping a market-leading business to achieve outstanding customer and consumer results through a highly effective and superbly equipped 6000 strong, international sales team.



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You're Welcome ... Not Ideal for everyone but may be useful to some.

Is this available for UK Amazon account? It takes me to the US Amazon site.

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Is this available for UK Amazon account? It takes me to the US Amazon … Is this available for UK Amazon account? It takes me to the US Amazon site.

should be UK Links are for Amazon U K both books free were over £14 each




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