Free Insulation For Your Home
Free Insulation For Your Home

Free Insulation For Your Home

FREE INSULATION is available to households where:

Anyone is aged 70 or over OR Anyone is in receipt of certain benefits, tax credits or allowances

OTHERS can still receive a grant of up to 75%!

Sounds Too Good To Be True? The grants are part of the government's new Carbon Emmissions Reduction Target (CERT). The major utility companies (British Gas, NPower, Powergen etc.) have to meet targets to reduce carbon emissions by paying to insulate domestic properties. It does not matter who your energy supplier is, you can still apply through us.

Grants are available to all UK Homeowners and Private Tenants. Extra charges may apply to very large properties or lofts that are already adequately insulated. If scaffolding or other special access equipment is required, this may also be chargeable.


why is this cold its free ffs

very interest bcos I'm doing an essay on fuel poverty at the moment!!!!

Do you know what happens to tenants who have an electiricty key? are they eligible? I was thinking of eting extra pies but I suppose this is better
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