Free Interactive Weather Presenting Kit disc from The Met Office

Free Interactive Weather Presenting Kit disc from The Met Office

Found 15th May 2008Made hot 15th May 2008
Waited for this freebie to arrive in mail before posting (took a week).
This FREE, highly interactive learning resource is designed to study the weather and climate change with children. If includes step-by-step instructions, weather data, weather forecasts and digital photos and videos. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, the package comes with a range of master slides, four weather symbols sets, an image library and links to current weather data.

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Will be great for my kids at school!

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message on site at the moment saying stocks are low and you may have to wait, no matter my son will really love this.

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Thank you, looks like fun!

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Nice one - kids will love it

HOT, HOT, HOT Great post thank you very much!

I'm an IT tech... really handy, just spoken to the Media Studies teacher at the school and he's excited

seems to say it's out of stock now, great deal though

Out of stock

Could anyone share an ISO image of the CD Rom if they get one one through the post, as I know a teacher who is interested in this kit.
PM me if you get one. Thanks in advance.
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