Free iPhone / iPod Touch app!

Free iPhone / iPod Touch app!

Found 19th Dec 2009
In Besieged you control an army of archers, which you must use to defend your castle from an invading horde of the undead! Skeletons are attacking your walls, including infantry, archers, wizards and worse. Using your mighty bow, you must rain arrows on the attackers before they can reach your walls and destroy your castle.
This is the first chapter in a series of games that will let you earn weapons and accomplishments that help you in later chapters. Future chapters will include defending the kingdoms of the Elves and the Dwarves from the undead army. Battle will escalate to include zombies, dragons and siege machines!
* Fast-paced, easy to learn gameplay
* Purchase upgrades for your castle and archers
* Buy powerful special attacks
* Your castle grows to reflect the upgrades you make
* Battle the undead over 12 nail-biting levels!
Visit our forums at: where you can suggest new features, post bug reports, discuss strategies, request to be a beta tester and more.
* Social Media Integration
* Achievements System
* Chapter 2, with New Enemies, Environments, Weapons and More!


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