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FREE Issue of The Economist

Found 27th Aug 2012
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Ring to arrange delivery.............................and try the hard sell while we are at it, no thanks, only a tit would fall for it
No thanks from me either I'm afraid. We signed up to this last time and when it came time for us to cancel (which we did, over the phone), they continued to take money for 3 months as they 'forgot' to cancel our subscription - despite more than half a dozen phone calls. Swindling barstewards!
Whenever you need to cancel - it's truly a bad deal ...... so often they just continue to take your money ... your cancelation got 'lost' .... waste of time - don't bother!!
I used to get this years ago when cheap. I got a free trial recently and what a load of biased tosh. I would not use this as toilet paper. I wanted to ring them up and ask how they could sell such utter crap as journalism.
waste of time - don't bother!! your not Osborne are you
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