Free Jimmy's Iced Coffee (Facebook needed)

Free Jimmy's Iced Coffee (Facebook needed)

Found 29th Jun 2017
Due to the recent discovery of faecal matter in iced coffee's in major coffee chains, Jimmy' Iced Coffee have decided to give away free versions of their Iced Coffee. All you need to do is send them a message on facebook and they will pop one in the post to you!
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I by one of these everyday. yeah I can save money kind of doing my own but I do like this stuff. Have some heat OP
I wouldn't have ice in a drink anywhere right now...
They were also doing this on Twitter yesterday. Might still be on today, I'm not sure.
Just got this response from them via Facebook..
"Hey! Thanks so much for your message, you have no idea how epic it has actually been. I’m so sorry to say that you may not receive a free Jimmy’s as we simply can’t fulfil the volume of requests we’ve had through. If we don’t, we still hope you get round to trying a Jimmy’s, I mean what other choice do you have?! Have a cracking summer and hope to see you at a festival or two. Cheers, Team Jimmy’s."
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