Free Joey Dunlop 1952-2000 DVD - just £1.95 p&p @ Duke Video

Free Joey Dunlop 1952-2000 DVD - just £1.95 p&p @ Duke Video

Found 6th Dec 2009Made hot 7th Dec 2009
This is a story of dedication, determination, humility and humanity... It charts the rise from humble beginnings of William Joseph Dunlop, from the fabled Armoy Armada to the dizzy heights of F1 world titles, record-breaking exploits at the Isle of Man TT, and countless race wins which inspired fans to crown him their King of the Roads.

Alongside superb footage of Joey in action throughout his career (including on-bike footage at the TT), there are illuminating interviews with Yer Maun himself and specially recorded tributes and insights from Carl Fogarty, Barry Sheene, brother Robert, Jim Redman and Phillip McCallen.

Special features include a Photo Gallery where you can view memorable and

poignant images of Joey, and the Career Highlights are a wonderful reminder

of the success Joey enjoyed. This is truly a unique insight into the greatest road racer of all time...

Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will benefit the Joey Dunlop Benevolent Fund


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More than 100 in stock on 06/12/09

it says £19.99 + free post ???

yep just looked and thats what it states so how is it free

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When I click the link it says FREE!

Try this link:…t=0

and? its the same.

still £19.99

have you used a code or something

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No code, nothing!

I've had a despatch notification email that says I'm only paying £1.95 as well so no idea why others cant see it, its definately available!

order me one

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Try this link then?

Screenshot taken a few mins ago

or this link…spx

this guy was a LEGEND and a gentleman, like the rest of his family, motorcycling racing was in his blood

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or this … or this link

That's the same link that I used initially that people are saying shows up at £19.99

A legend over here on the Isle of man, can't see his record ever being beaten.A top man

can't see how to get it free though??

Thanks OP, I got the links to work and that will make a useful and cheap stocking filler for my long suffering husband.

Thanks worked for me too - ordered for my dad for his birthday

Thanks Welshy x

Got it now, cheers op.

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Glad others are getting it to work!

I've updated the original link now to the mcn one

can you order me one if i send you the p & p


can you order me one if i send you the p & p

just click on the link on the op. :thumbsup:


Try this link then?

Got it through that link,cheers:thumbsup:

just ordered myself a copy.....

worth keeping as a keepsake , not big into bikes, but a legend is a legend no matter what they do


Thanks OP. Husbands hero. Just ordered him it for xmas:santa:. Dont usually buy pressies for him as all money goes on kids pressies, but at this I know he will absolutely love it. Thankyou:thumbsup:

great , worked for me too now

All round good guy did a lot for charity too.

many thanks op :thumbsup:

Absolute bargain, can't wait to see it, so sad that he's no longer with us R.I.P

Voted hot!

yep, a true legend


Thanks op :-D

great job


A legend over here on the Isle of man, can't see his record ever being … A legend over here on the Isle of man, can't see his record ever being beaten.A top mancan't see how to get it free though??

same here - i've never seen a manx deal on here before !

good spot! h+r added

Excellent, nice one Op :thumbsup:

l watched many of Joeys races,what a man, best road racer ever.

Great stuff thanks.Joey the best road racer ever

Thanks :thumbsup: Gone for one.

LEGEND over here in his native NI too of course. Top man RIP.

Got one for £1.95 Thanks, got lots of Duke dvds but this one's a real bargain

Many thanks, he was a true gentleman and a legend

The North West definitely isn't the same without Joey and Robert. They were certainly larger than life characters and genuine at the same time, something sadly missing in most sports celebs

A legend and a True Gentleman:thumbsup:

Road racing is not the same without him or Robert, Joey's charity work went much unnoticed too, I'd feel bad actually getting this for £1.95 as the proceed originally went to his charity foundation:oops:
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