Free Jordans Truly Tropical Frusli Bars

Free Jordans Truly Tropical Frusli Bars

Found 14th Aug 2009Made hot 14th Aug 2009
We have 5000 samples of our totally new, Truly Tropical Frusli bars to give away exclusively to members of the Jordans fan club. Click on the link now to claim yours but be quick, they are available on a first come, first served basis.


[COLOR="Magenta"]Thanks kitkat heated and repped :thumbsup:[/COLOR]

I love these bars, thank you, heat and rep added:thumbsup:

hot love there cereal
hopefully will get some

love it!!

out of samples.

im a member of the website/email thing..... i didnt get a email about this.. now they are all gone...... im sad........ gone to cry into a bucket :-D

I am a member too, I got the email, but they had already run out by the time I got it!! Boooo!


Got mine today
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