free kapersky internet security 2011 + mobile security 9 for all barclays users.

free kapersky internet security 2011 + mobile security 9 for all barclays users.

Found 14th Dec 2010
Internet Security 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has everything that you need to stay safe and secure while you're surfing the web. It provides constant protection for you and your family – whether you work, bank, shop or play online. Stay ahead of the threats with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011!

Mobile Security 9

You make calls, send SMSs, browse the web and communicate via social networks every day. Your smartphone is your life. Kaspersky Mobile Security keeps your private life truly private.
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correct me if i'm mistaken but hasnt this been on for years now
i've no idea just received the details from barclays. Haven't been a customer all that long,
should be posted in freebies - sorry spammed
Yeah, it's been around for years and years and years ..............
have asked mod to move but if its old news just expire it
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yeah, been around a while (used it for getting on 2 years), pretty sure its been posted before but always good to get the word out for those that dont know, its also a 3 user licence!!!!

Edited by: "sa_sheffwed" 14th Dec 2010
also an update for those already using it
It might have been available as a free deal for a few years, but still this is for the 2011 versions so a nice find for people who don't know about it or for new Barclays online customers.

HSBC offer McAfee AntiVirus Plus
In the other post there are some recommendations for free programs for basic protection at the very least , such as avg, microsoft essentials ...

HSBC offer rapport for free

See other post for more info…274
I didn't know about this, thanks!
I used kaspersky for years, paid in full. Last year I took a chance on MS security essentials which is free and haven't had a problem yet.
is this any good for a new netbook running windows 7 basic?
need security for 2 new netbooks and really unsure what to go for
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Doesn't let me register strangely
Keeps saying "Something's not right. Please check what you have entered." Any ideas anyone?
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