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Posted 16 July 2023

Free kids monster meal Pizza Hut (aged 12 or less) via O2 Priority - no purchase necessary

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One free kids monster meal at Pizza Hut no purchase necessary via O2 Priority (including those with Virgin Media broadband). A monster meal includes a Kids main, a Side and drink (including Bottomless Soft Drinks), Unlimited Salad and a Dessert usual cost is £7.99 so a good saving and runs over the summer until 1st September. Terms listed below, states is dine in and valid for one free Monster Meal for children aged 12 or under.

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Free kids monster meal Pizza Hut - no purchase necessary

  • One code available per customer, per week. Valid for children aged 12 and under
  • Code is valid for one free Monster Meal (RRP from £7.99), no purchase necessary
  • Not valid at Pizza Hut Delivery or restaurants in Northern Ireland


Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility Criteria: The promotion is open to members of Priority who are UK residents age 16+.
  • Reward Start and End Dates: Reward is valid from 17 July – 23 July 2023, while stocks last - subject to availability.
  • Redemption Instructions: To redeem, tap ‘USE NOW’ take note of the validity period and enter your code via the Pizza Hut Restaurants mobile ordering system or display your code/phone as required to a staff member. If you are showing the code to a server, it must be from the live app. Screenshots will not be accepted.
  • Reward T&Cs: This Reward entitles you to receive a free Kids Monster Meal at Pizza Hut Restaurants (RRP from £7.99). Valid at Pizza Hut Restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales only. Not valid at Pizza Hut Delivery or restaurants in Northern Ireland. Voucher is only valid for dine-in, and excludes takeaway or delivery orders.
  • The Reward can be redeemed once each week from 17 July – 1 September 2023. Code will only be valid for one free Monster Meal for children aged 12 or under. Excludes Kids Buffet, Kids Buffet Bundle, Adults Buffet and any other deals, mains, sides, desserts and drinks. All items are subject to availability.
  • One free Monster Meal can be claimed per bill. If claiming two meals each must be put through on a separate bill and you will require an additional Priority code. No other purchase is necessary. Customers must enter the code at the point of payment when ordering on their mobile.
  • Codes will be valid during opening times. Please check your nearest Pizza Hut Restaurant for opening and closing times.
  • Voucher codes are non-transferable and have no cash value. Unused, expired, and redeemed voucher codes cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned.
  • Not combinable with any other Pizza Hut Restaurants meal bundles, buffet, offers, deals or discounts. This Reward cannot be redeemed for cash.

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Kids monster Meal - Pizza Hut
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  1. sarah000's avatar
    Used this for my two little ones last half term worked a treat!
    sarah000's avatar
    I just did the one meal as it was more than enough food for them, my kids are 4 and 2.
  2. SidGor's avatar
    Pizza Hut code available no swaps require
    amz84uk's avatar
    Very generous of you - ❤️
  3. lasuil's avatar
    How about 31 year olds who identify as 11 year olds :/
    Simon_Lilly's avatar
    I checked and that’s fine, then straight onto the Register for you 🤫
  4. amz84uk's avatar
    EDIT: No longer required for this week - thank you.

    If anyone has a couple of Pizza Hut codes that they won’t use, I’m happy to trade for a Nero fully stamped drink.

    DM me if interested. (edited)
    cazsilver's avatar
    I’v dm’d you… (edited)
  5. Bhav25's avatar
    50644174_1.jpgspare code if anyone needs it (edited)
    zed2000's avatar
    Thank u
  6. Lucyinthesky's avatar
    for who ever wants
  7. Bhav25's avatar
    Anybody know how long the code is valid for once claimed. Does it work after the 2 hours?
    jayzone1998's avatar
    Never used it after 2 hours but I'm sure it would work for that week
  8. Lucyinthesky's avatar
    pizza code to give. be quick

    a thankyou from whomever uses it
    wouldnt go amiss (edited)
    gisela.lee's avatar
    Thank you, my kids has used it
  9. gisela.lee's avatar
    Has anyone got a spare codes please? Thanks
    Lucyinthesky's avatar
    I just posted one 😏
  10. ministrymason's avatar
    Anyone got a spare pizza hut code that I can use tomorrow. Thanks

    I can swap for anything else in 02 priority. I want to take both my kids tomorrow. (edited)
    AL1S0N's avatar
    It lasts the whole week, I've done this twice, get code Mon morn then use on a Fri. U order via the qr in restaurant then enter the code at payment
  11. Newey's avatar
    I have few codes spare if any one needs. Dont want anything in return
    N29V12P93's avatar
    I would love some, takin kids tomorrow thank u x
  12. humza7's avatar
    Do you know once you select "Use Now" on the app, when do the codes expire?

    Ferris's avatar
    The end of the current week, which in this case is Friday when the offer ends for the summer.
  13. Newey's avatar
    Got few codes if anyone needs just message me
  14. CoolGeezer's avatar
    Okey so after a successful stint in claiming the Prezzo three course kids meal by self identifying as a 10 year old, as per my previous comment here
    I tried again this time with pizza hut 🛖 🤭 I was initially ridiculed by the manager but I insisted that legally it's totally within my right to self identify as whatever I want 👀 Made a few fellow diners giggle but I was eventually let in I have to say this topped the prezzo meal coz you can get as much ice cream, bottomless soft drinks and unlimited salad well chuffed 🤭
  15. OwlEye's avatar
    Yay love this! I go alone or with a fellow adult and no problems so far!
    N29V12P93's avatar
    You claim this offer as an adult?
  16. adebisi30's avatar
    How do they check the age? I'm a smaller person that wears religious coverings, I think I maybe able to use this deal of they don't require intrusive ID proof.
    sivilis3d's avatar
    Cmon man. Are you not embarrassed?
  17. grimnog's avatar
    You don’t even need to speak to a server. Sit down, scan the qr code on the table, order through the website, use the discount code, free food arrives at your table. No proof of age or other food purchase required.
    jayzone1998's avatar
    Problem is the person who brings the food. If its packed you normally get away with it, but if its empty then can be a bit annoying and say its only for 12 and under.
  18. amz84uk's avatar
    We won’t be able to go Pizza Hut this week, so I have three codes available.

    Reply here if you would like a code and when for.
    gisela.lee's avatar
    Hi, that is so kind of you. Could we have 1 code please? For today evening or tomorrow please.
    Thank you (edited)
  19. cazsilver's avatar
    My youngest is 13 and nearly 6ft, don’t think we’d get away with it!
  20. csa1's avatar
  21. Mizan_Ahmed's avatar
  22. ruheluddin86's avatar
    We need the free meals back again please, they were great!!!
  23. AAARRR's avatar
    Same here, want to try too after few hours... And does it expire tonight? I mean, if I get code today and don't use it, can I use it tomorrow? (edited)
    OwlEye's avatar
  24. gisela.lee's avatar
    We bring our two children, a toddler and infant.
    Last year we ordered for them but we the adults, ate most of their food.
    So technically following terms and condition.
    jayzone1998's avatar
    Can I borrow them to do the offer
  25. gemvis's avatar
    Here now with my boy from school code works absolutely fine no buffet on at this time so i just bought a drink but no questions asked just scanned qr code at table and ordered.
  26. AAARRR's avatar
    I asked the same question in prezzo offer - but if 2 adults and 1 child go to eat, can I use 2 of these codes and buy one adult meal/no adult meal at all?
    jayzone1998's avatar
    I assume yes you could get away with it, maybe order a drink or something cheap of the menu just incase
  27. Ferris's avatar
    Used a code as an adult today after one of the kids had to pull out of our trip. The food comes over on bright red kids' plates and brightly coloured beakers, so I'm not sure I could try to use this alone! I could spend a few hours on the salad bar alone though. (edited)
  28. Jonathan_Carr's avatar
    To whomstever should get here first, fill your little boots.
  29. shu94's avatar
    Oh yay!

    If there’s anybody without little ones, I’d appreciate a code as I have 2 kids.

    Thank you! (edited)
  30. Jay.88's avatar
    any spare codes please for my multiple children

    can trade for any other o2 reward anytime as I never use the offers unless it’s for kids.
    Simon_Lilly's avatar
    That works for me …
  31. young_boss's avatar
    I've got a spare pizza hut and prezzo codes, willing to swap for costa or just eat codes. Thanks.
    N29V12P93's avatar
    I’ll swap for £5 just eat?
  32. N29V12P93's avatar
    Happy to swap any Vodafone veryme for one of these?
    Priya_P's avatar
    Let me know if you still need one? Happy to swap for a £5 just eat
  33. sona1's avatar
    I have a code, happy to trade for costa/nero voucher.
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
  34. russellanam's avatar
    Hope the codes are valid for a week like last time.
  35. moneysaver80's avatar
    Happy to swap mine for a Vodafone code
    N29V12P93's avatar
    I’ll swap, what voda code do you want
  36. tonyawesome69's avatar
    DM if any folks want my pizza hut codes (2) for a couple of Nero fully stamped Drinks
  37. WhiteElephant's avatar
    How long do the codes last once claimed? I'm new to o2 priority
    OwlEye's avatar
    All week.
  38. Gouyave_man's avatar
    I was told I HAD TO purchase an adult meal last time I used this offer.
    When I complained to Pizza Hut they replied that the monster meal code is ADDED to ‘a bill’ meaning you have to buy something
    gogboy's avatar
    I used it and it was hassle. They said the offer wasn’t on, they knew nothing about it. They tried to say it might start once the schools go back 🙈
  39. chrisssye84's avatar
    I’ll swap for a costa code DM me
  40. pinky09's avatar
    Are codes released at 12noon everyday ?
's avatar