FREE Kindle Book Best Thing From - Volume @ Amazon
FREE Kindle Book Best Thing From - Volume  @ Amazon

FREE Kindle Book Best Thing From - Volume @ Amazon

Free Kindle book, previously £6:99.



If like me you're wondering what it's about .....

"The Excellent Debut Book From Two of the Funniest People on the Internet!
If you like tongue in cheek and ironic British humour, then this book has it in spades...
Kev and Steve met on their first day at university in 2009. The conversation went something like this:

Steve: “Hi, I’m Richard.”

Kev: “I already know a Richard, I’m going to call you Steve.”

Steve: “OK”

Within a year, they’d started the Best Thing From Podcast because a man named Allen claimed to have the best potatoes in Lincolnshire (he didn’t).

In Best Thing From - Volume 1, Kev and Steve irreverently tackle topics ranging from Crisps to Doctor Who and passing through Twitter, Football, Banking and lots more on the way.

˃˃˃ "This book feels like a comfortable night out in a cosy pub with 2 of your closest mates discussing the myriad of weirdness the world presents you with."'

Cold because of the total lack of information about the book by the op -- even the one detail about the 'previous price' is rubbish; that relates to the print edition only.

Hot. Laugh out loud read.

Bought the physical copy on amazon a couple of months ago. Was well worth the money then so free is brilliant. Great podcast too

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