free kindle book - Franz Kafka best works @ amazon

free kindle book - Franz Kafka best works @ amazon

Found 22nd Jan
Finally, an ebook that contains all the Kafka's novels ("The Trial", "The Castle" and "Amerika") It seems too good to be true

2881610.jpgFranz Kafka: The Best Works

2881610.jpgJohn Galsworthy: The Best Works (nobel prize in literature in 1932)

2881610.jpgGeorge Eliot: The Best Works
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Pre-orders, says they'll be 'delivered' end of this week.

Hot though, I do like all these collections for Kindle recently.
Great post - esp for Kafka!!!
Fab, cheers :-)
Thanks OP - and the Kafka's even more complete than expected:

This ebook compiles Franz Kafka's greatest writings, including novels, novellas, short stories and parables such as "Amerika", "The Trial", "The Metamorphosis", "The Castle", "In the Penal Colony", "A Hunger Artist" and "The Great Wall of China".
Thx OP
Bless you.
Thanks op
Thanks OP
Thanks op. Always wanted to read Kafka.
Tops...well done old bean l!
Wonderful! Thanks - Heat Added.
Thanks, a great freebie Heat
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