Free kindle book in ketogenic instant pot recipes

Free kindle book in ketogenic instant pot recipes

Found 5th Mar 2018
Rather specific e-book here that happened to apply to me, coming up free on kindle at the moment.

Says there are 100 recipes.
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Just looked at Keto last night and thought I'd see what it's about, so this may help me (realise I can't live without sugar!) Cheers.
I do keto on and off. Think it's great. More energy, clearer thinking, no sugar cravings and suppresses hunger. The first week or 2 are hard with some symptoms as your body converts from using glucose as energy to fat. After that it's easy.
I love keto, I feel better on it. My only gripe is there’s so much meal prep to be done, lot of cooking from scratch, so be prepared to do so and freeze things.
Thanks I keep getting cookbooks but unfortunately too hesitant to try them out. Need to learn to cook.
gone for it. Easier to delete in future than throw away the book
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