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Free Kindle Books - Latest List - Download Free @ Amazon

Found 30th Nov 2011
Eye of the god
By: Ariel Allison

The Day the Flowers Died (1)
By: Ami Blackwelder

The Fence My Father Built
By: Linda S. Clare

Lie Down in Green Pastures (The Pslam 23 Mysteries)
By: Debbie Viguie

The Big Ben mystery
By: Fernando Trujillo Sanz

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow
By: Joyce Magnin

The Son of Man
By: Charles W. Johnson

Magical Crimes
By: Chris Dolley

Right Ascension (Edge of Apocalypse)
By: David Derrico

Clouded Rainbow
By: Jonathan Sturak

By: Ron Sanders

Peregrin (Xenolith)
By: A. Sparrow

Honor Bound (Book 1 of The Witchblade Chronicles)
By: C.J. Archer

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria
By: Rahma Krambo

Foolish Notions
By: Aris Whittier

Hide and Seek: An Erotic Interlude (Hide and Seek: Interludes)
By: Selene Coulter

I Witch: The Powers of the Blood and the Heart
By: Erin Munday
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