FREE Kool Patch From Free Pain Relief
FREE Kool Patch From Free Pain Relief

FREE Kool Patch From Free Pain Relief

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*Please note this offer is only available in those in the UK and restricted to one per household

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Fantastic freebie babe.
Where do you find them?
You seem to be one a freebie mission at the moment!

Original Poster

yep every little helps in this credit crunch time

thank you

Cheers for this...

Thank you very much:thumbsup:

thanks hun keep them coming

Thanks heat added:thumbsup:

Great freebie, H&R added. thanks

Thanks, ordered. H&R added.

Thank you so much, Kool Patchs are epic win!

H and R added.

how do you get it ?:?

Great! Thought about trying these so will now for free (hopefully!).

good one. heat added

thanks :thumbsup:

Cool relief!! Thanks

thx, waiting for my sample arrive


do you have 2 pay P&P ?


how do you get it ?:?

Just click link and fill in details no p and p to pay complete freebe hoping you will like it and buy more

Heat added

cheers 4 this, might as well give it a go
heat added

Thanks !!!!!!!!

thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Looking forward to getting this thank you

cheers pinky :thumbsup:
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