Free Language Download
Free Language Download

Free Language Download

Hola...Bonjour...Ni Hao. Don't reply with a 'huh?' - improve your international vocabulary and learn a new language with Audible instead. We have a free download of 'Rapid Chinese' available until 5pm this FRIDAY and 20% off a great selection of other language titles until 23rd January. So, get listening and you'll be speaking fluently in no time.

I've joint these before and got two free language downloads and cancelled my account straight away after getting the downloads and there was no problems.


Bit of a chore to download but nevertheless a nice freebie!

Hen hao! Xie xie

do they not charge you £7.99 to join? it seems to be doing that for me

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I did this when The Sun did an offer to get two language downloads for free and was signed up for the premium account. Got my downloads then cancelled.
I think you have to cancel before your renewal date to get your freebies if I remember correctly.

yeah but they charge me for the first one, then i seem to get the others free

The Mandarin is a free download? Just click ADD TO CART from the linked page? That worked for me and no payment details were requested.

yeah but im trying to get some other ones by signing up.... (french)
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