Free Laptop when you sign up to Mobile Broadband from 3
Free Laptop when you sign up to Mobile Broadband from 3

Free Laptop when you sign up to Mobile Broadband from 3

With 3s new Mobile Broadband service you can access the internet without wires, over the air using 3s mobile network. There is no need to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot, you simply use a USB modem with your laptop. To celebrate the launch of Three Mobile Broadband at PC World we have put together some amazing deals on laptops when you subscribe to a Mobile Broadband contract from 3. In fact you could save up to £350 off the normal in-store price of your laptop.

We offer one simple tariff that makes Mobile Broadband simple, easy to use and a great deal.
Contract is for £35 per month for 18 months.

There are 6 well known brands of laptop to chose from.

These offers are available exclusively in-store at PC World. Unfortunately we are unable to offer our Collect @ Store service for this promotion. Click here for our store locator

You will need to bring with you two forms of identification to sign-up to Mobile Broadband. Ideally this should include a valid Credit/Debit card, your driving licence and a utility bill dated within the last three months.

Once you have been accepted for your 3 Mobile Broadband contract, you can simply leave the store with your laptop and modem having only paid the reduced offer price.


This is a con, get a Free laptop but get charged £20 per month extra (£360 over 18 months) compared to their standard tarrif of £15.00 per month.


Free laptop but get charged £20 per month extra (£360 over 18 months)

Very much like those mobile phone contracts where you get a "free" console etc. The price per month for the tarrif might stay the same but the minutes and texts allowance take a dive in order to compensate for the cost of the "free" product.

Rip off big time

So basically they punch you to the floor and then they kick you. :w00t:

whats the usage allowance as well bet its limited a month

i got one of these modems for £19.99 and havent had to top it up its still free. even though its on pay as you go lol

not bad for some people but the data limit is only 3gb- so you can not download many movies

This has been posted before and got a similar reception. Sorry but this is colder than cold

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thanks guys for the vote....It just seems quite a good deal at that time. :?

I dont understand why people jump at these get something free deals without actually working them out. Just because the advert says you get something "free" or "you could save up to" doesnt mean its good. People need to stop and actually think is this good value or can I get it cheaper else where.

cold given price comparison to £15 per month deal.

If you're a 3 subscriber you can get mobile BB for half price and a free modem. With what you spend here you can buy a decent laptop, have a 3 mobile and broadband dongle for less.

Voted cold.
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