FREE Latest Nokia N95 8GB Black for only £30pm - 18mth contract

FREE Latest Nokia N95 8GB Black for only £30pm - 18mth contract

Found 4th Jan 2008
Just purchased this as i have been waiting ages for THREE to have this in their arsenal. Now they have the latest & best mobile (in my view) on the market. You decide ...

Reviews of this great phone: 8.8/10 - What we think: Upgraded mobile phones are usually disappointing, but the N95 8GB is a truly superb successor

nokiageek said - Whether you upgrade or not though is not an easy choice. Most of us are in long term agreements and do you get a sim free model or take another contract? Do you not bother at all? Its tough one, but if youre a power user like me, I say getting one should be a matter of priority for you. You wont regret it. If youre trying to decide which one to get, get the N95 8gb. Youll be dissapointed down the line if you dont. To sum up, if you get one of these, you wont be disappointed. Forget the iPhone, this is the hottest thing in the mobile world right now.

The price plan speaks for itself, 300 minutes voicemail, 300 3to3 calls, free voicemails, free ims, free skype, FREE INTERNET BROWSING

Accessory voucher code for today £20 - HS04010815 (if this changes just go online & use the online assistant ask anything & they will give you a new code)

Don't forget Quidco for a saving of £32.50 (under the above contract) also recommend a friend which gives £60 in total - can use the wifes mobile (if she has a 3 contract) or even your own if you have another contract with 3 [i have more than 1 contract with 3 so i got £60 in total - £30 to this new contract & £30 to my old contract).

Total cost of this contract would be £540 less £32.50 (quidco) less £60 (raf) = £447.50 (which equates to £24.86 pm). A bargain in my view as you get 300 minutes to any network (or 300 txt's) and it seems you get 300 mins to any 3 numbers too! (so in effect 600 mins?) plus you get 150 video call minutes too!

Here's what's on the 3 site ...

Nokia N95 8GB
5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens

2.8" QVGA screen

DVD like quality with built-in stabilisation

Dual slide with dedicated music keys

Built in GPS with worldwide maps covering 100 countries

Preloaded with Spider-Man 3 - full feature lentgh Movie

Supports HSDPA high speed download

8GB internal memory

Integrated stereo speakers

Mix & Match 300
Mix & Match plans comes with one big bundle to use on minutes or texts. One minute = one text. Simple. With Mix & Match 300 you get 300 minutes or texts or any mix of the two

Contract Lentgh
This tariff is an 18 month contract.

Next day delivery available

We provide you with FREE DELIVERY next working day if you order before 1pm.
Monday-Friday Orders - Next Day
Saturday-Sunday Orders - Tuesday
Deliveries made anytime during the day are FREE.
All deliveries are subject to availability.

14 day peace of mind guarantee

If you are a new 3 customer and for some reason you are not happy with 3, you can return your mobile and original boxed accessories, along with your proof of purchase, within 14 days of receipt to us and we will give you a full refund.
In order to be eligible to return your mobile under the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee you must not have used your handset to make or receive calls or texts, take photos, or download content.
Similarly, if your mobile has been damaged since you received it, this guarantee will not cover you.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

Whats in the box

1200mAh battery (BL-6F)
USB cable (DKE-2)
Video out cable (CA-75U)
Stereo Headset (HS-45)
Charger (AC-5)
Nokia literature: Manufacture User Manual, Get Started Guide
CD-ROM: PC Suite, Adobe

Offer valid until
This offer is available until 31st January 2008

Here's some info on the phone ...

Nokia N95 8GB
Like entertainment? Well, the Nokia N95 8GB smartphone is your new best friend. With 8GB of internal memory and dedicated media keys movies, music, games and photos are literally a touch of a button away.

Watch Spiderman 3 for free on your 2.8" QVGA screen at any angle and wow your friends when you play it on your TV using the TV Out application. Then upload another movie to make the person next to you jealous on those boring commutes.

If youre a music lover then youll love the built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth stereo headphones. Or snap away and get top quality photos with the 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 20X zoom and flash. Just to make sure you get even more entertainment on the move, the N95 8GB comes with great 3D games already installed.

Keep yourself informed by browsing the web and sending emails and attachments at broadband speeds on 3's Turbo (HSPDA) network. Chat to your friends on Windows Live Messenger or check out their photos on Facebook. With a bevy of other applications like Skype, eBay and Google, this beauty will never disappoint.

5.0 megapixel with 20 x digital zoom and camera flash
Talk time: 204 minutes
Standby: 187 hours
Video talk time: 126 minutes
8GB internal phone memory
Dimensions: 99mm x 58mm x 21mm
Weight: 128g
Compatible With
Google Mail
Google Maps
Google Search
Windows Live Messenger
Yahoo! Search
Yahoo! Go

USB 2.0
Bluetooth 2.0


Good deal! and great amount of Info! Cheers! I wish I waited more to grab this hotty! I got the normal Nokia N95 which indeed I am happy with except for few issues which happens sometimes!


£540 Hahahaha

Id say cold as your paying much more than this 300 m&m tariff really costs because extra monthly charge for the phone.......

Much better tariffs available by paying for the phone

Personally i have the N95 and hate it - its got terrible menus and is not very intuitive, particularly the texting. Getting rid as soon as contract allows. I'll go back to Sony or maybe i-phone in a flash.

Ashley Cole has got one of these.

Search youtube for "Ashley Cole Phone" Very funny.


I've got this free on orange after phoning retentions, pushed the as far … I've got this free on orange after phoning retentions, pushed the as far as they would go and got racoon 30 (400 mins and 100 txts a month) for £25 inc their you should be able to batter them down further really. Plus advice for those getting this mobile:very bad battery life so get a spare battery and always charge every night (turn of wlan scanning, blueooth and 3G onluess you need it too to save battery life)Make sure you upgrade the firmware and get a micro sd card like those listed recently for storage as the internal memory is pants and will crash more than an xbox 360.

You're referring to the old N95 i think, the new one has 8gb internal memory and the battery is fine, no problems in a couple of months of use from me and it looks great.


Yes, sorry you're right I am referring to the non 8gb version that I got … Yes, sorry you're right I am referring to the non 8gb version that I got last year... the new version may well be better. Advice still stands though for anyone who sees offers on the non 8gb version .

I wondered where you were sticking the SD card:-D

My 3 contract is up next month cheers for the tips ...

Had this phone from voda back in early December and sold it - it's interface is just too slow and the gps never locked on once!


look om fleebay- n95 are saturated there - ppl are struggling to sell for £130

N95 8gb is a decent phone, one of the best on the market, but i've just gone for the N82 on O2 - does everything the N95 does, but is just like my old N73


look om fleebay- n95 are saturated there - ppl are struggling to sell for … look om fleebay- n95 are saturated there - ppl are struggling to sell for £130

I think a few of you are still confusing this with the older N95, im pretty sure you cant buy the 8gb n95 for £130?

The Internet charges seem to be extra?

£2.50 per month INTERNET 10MB ADD-ON

Get fast access to the internet on your mobile with 10MB of data per(Month)


£5 per month Add Internet Max

Unlimited web surfing, Yahoo! Go, Mobile mail and Mobilcast. £5.00 per month


Hi all,

Have to say thanks to theoriginal poster as I was going to go for the ugrade, I think people have not realised that this is the new N95 8gb version and has a bigger screen and more battery, but dose have no card input or cover for camera lense, can anyone tell me if they can find a better deal than that one displayed (regardless of network) as I have to say I have looked and have not been successful. Did look on ebay and found that the new version is selling about £280 to £300 plus, therefore for getting all the minutes etc not a bad deal. I hope to decide early this morning which contract to go for so if someone can get a better tariiff or a bett phone with a better tariff please let me know before I commit to 18 long................ months.

Many Thanks:thumbsup:


Just thougt I would give an update, I have a high usage call tariff, so went and had a look at quidco, which I usually forget and found for the tariff that I am looking at Mix and Match 1100 the rebate is £80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my calculation are as follows, but feel free to correct (27=15) £42 x 18 = £630

Less quidco -£80

Less Recommend a friend -£60

Free accessory (£20) but not looked into so not really putting in figures = £490

for 18 months , but 1100 minutes or text per month, plus 300 minutes to another 3 phone plus 150 video calls per month!!! (i think these are all the main points) to works out at £27 a month!!!!!! ( I have just woken up!!!! think its a bargain, but my phone usuage demands the higher tariff) please advise if there is a better deal, other wise in next few hours (before 10am) will be committing befre they run out of handsets!!!!!!

Just a question do upgrades get the rebate as well??

How do you recommend a friend online, tried going into to checkout but was concerned to go to far, so if someone has done this will be much appreciated:roll:

any idea how to get the accessories


look om fleebay- n95 are saturated there - ppl are struggling to sell for … look om fleebay- n95 are saturated there - ppl are struggling to sell for £130

Okay - I looked. There are 11 phones finishing in less than one hour, as I write; they're all at about £260, except the brand new sim free, which is £335. And they're all being bid on - nothing in there is "0" bids. The new version of the N95 is a hell of an improved phone - just look at the review!

trying all ways to get this handset ordered with the refer a friend and cannot manage it anybody help??

Just looked on ebay and found that the N95 8GB is selling for between £350 and £400, I am still trying to gt this deal through the website, but not having much joy!!:?

I have to say I know when to give up and I have now. Doing the transaction online is a nightmare especially tring to get it to go through quidco and refer a friend:x

But have to say I think the deal is hot, but not yet been able to see anyone post anything which makes this deal cold, am going to vote hot and thanks to OP, but will try again maybe this evening to see If I have been doing something wrong

I know there is a new version of the iphone later this year and it will support 3G
for those of you who can wait.

I will probably go for this phone on upgrade but £540 for 300 mins pm + this phone does seem a bit pricey!

gave up so rang customer service at three as am existing three customer, they offered me another deal, will put details, as is different to what is showed here, but could not get recommend a friend or quidco so swings and roundabouts

N95 8gb phone free
12 months on direct talker tarriff 750 any network any time minutes
150 text
50 picture message
50 video minutes
£20 accessory deal

told can upgrade after 9 months, but will have to wait and see

total cost £420 for 12 months. Phone should arrive Tues, so will post how it is , am used to sony erriccson, so will soon find out if it is a mistake!!:whistling:

be warned the accesories are expensive, so dont expect a lot (barely 1 incar charger £18)

have just been on the three chat helpline and I think I have figured out how to do the quidco nd recomend a friend, go through quidco then when on three website, click 3 store then recomend a frient then click already recomended (as long as you have been) the select phone/tariff then when checking out has a box to put in the recomended friends numbers. If some one does this and it works please let everyone know, takes 60 days for recoemnd a friend and not sure how long for quidco to be tracked, hope its helped and hope it rights.:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Sometimes is it really worth all the effort to put up an offer like this when its voted cold? Or posters don't bother to read the initial thread which quite cleary stated 8GB, latest, nokia, black N95 - plus the pic is of a 8gb Nokia.

I only posted the deal that i purchased as my daughter wanted to do some texts & use voicecalls - not heavy-duty! And i already have a 750min contract with 3 so will just trf the sim over.

I saw this deal & thought i must post it as it IS the best deal out there at the moment, voda are doing one but at a COST unless you go for a high tariff. With 3 you can get more min's as "thepharmacist" stated for not much more if you go for the 500 mix or even higher! I just wanted the cheapest option they had.

I see threads on get this packet of crisps, a box of chocs or that tin of beans that is only available in some backward town or available in 1 store only! What about a packet of nuts for 99p (sorry that is also store specific). This offer is at least open to all. I have posted a few threads but this negativity ...

Sorry had to say my piece on this as it is slightly disheartening when posters don't read threads correctly & vote cold based upon the older & much inferior N95. Note that if you sell the phone you would probably get a free contract (after ded'n of quidco & refer a friend) ebay prices are steep for this phone some BIN's are going for £500!

With respect to refer a friend you need to click on the link @ the top of the 3 website, you'll get an email sent over to you, you use that to click thro' onto the 3 website. My quidco has tracked & I did use refer a friend (sorry myself!).

The accessories are expensive but you can get a nice BT headset for about £20 - so in effect you're getting this free with the voucher - so better than the old FREE BT offer they were doing!

Original Poster

The £20 code for today is: HS05010809

I've just been on the online chat with "Srinivas" who confirmed the following:

[Srinivas] all our handsets are pre enabled to access the internet at the cost of £2.00/mb
[Srinivas] but you can also purchase the addons
[Srinivas] Add Internet Max - subject to our fair use policy, this gives you unlimited internet browsing and web email for just £5 a month. Add Internet 10 - for just £2.50 a month you get 10Mb of Internet Browsing (approx 1000 web pages) per month. Both give great value as out of bundle charges are £2 per Mb.
[Srinivas] along with the mix and match 300 any time , any n etwork mins you ll also get 300 free voice mins 3 to 3+ free voice mail + skype + instant messaging + ebay

So Internet browsing on ALL 3's new plans is chargeable unless you go with the new addons

But i have the DT1000 tariff which he confirmed worked as follows:

[T] does that mean the £5 internet download covers me for internet browsing then? as i want to move my old sim on the DT1000 to this new mobile & swap this new contract M&M300 with my old N73 and give to my daughter?
[Srinivas] yes upto £5.00 you ca ndownload
[Srinivas] but after that you would be charged
[Srinivas] and the £5.00 is a small amount given for internet download
[T] so does that mean if i do not download anything just webpages, then how much could i view?
[Srinivas] see there are certain sections if you access also you ll be charged
[Srinivas] but on the internet you would be told of the charge
[T] i just need to know if i visit a normal webpage (which doesn't mention anything about cost) would i get charged for it? and on the DT1000 tariff how many web pages could i then view?
[T] So is my £5 of downloads the same as the Internet 10 package? Or is it double that (as the Internet 10 only is £2.50pm)?
[Srinivas] yes what you say is right
[Srinivas] you ll get £5.00 as internetallowance on the talker
[Srinivas] but you are not charged for accessing the internet
[T] so does that mean I can then have 20mb of internet browsing on the DT1000 tariff?
[Srinivas] but on the mix and match plan you are charged as browsing
[Srinivas] see it depends on theusage and you can check the same from the handset through my 3
[T] so the M&M tariffs charge me for browsing but the DT1000 tariff doesn't? So i can browse as much as i like on the DT1000 is that correct, and i can also get £5 of downloads too!
[Srinivas] yes that is right

So it seems the older price plans give you free internet surfing - so maybe a good idea not to throw away your old 3 sims just yet?

I hope this info was useful to someone?

Thank you, did not know the direct talker had free internet.
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