Free Laura Ashley Throw
Free Laura Ashley Throw, need to pay £3.50 P&P

Go online to kaleidoscope.co.uk/qui…der, enter catalogue number 02B420NZA and then order code P8064

Call 0871 987 1122 quote catalogue number 02B420NZA and then order code P8064

Max 1 per customer.


not available - damn!!!!

the order code P8064 didnt work. price still states £7.00, £3.50 for the throw and £3.50 for postage.

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I ordered online, when i put code p8064 it took the p&p off, left price at 3.50, only charged card 3.50 but didn't confirm until had put my details in

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It says:

You can apply discount or offer codes you may have received here, eg. free P&P, buy one get one free etc. These offers may NOT be shown in your bag, but will be deducted before payment is taken.

Which is why it says £3.50 + £3.50 but if you use P8064 only charged £3.50... not explaining this well but it does work!!!

I followed the directions exactly, and received a confirmation email just now, saying my order is being processed and the throw will be dispatched soon. Charging me £7, £.350 & £3.50.

So, the deal is NOT expired, but it does charge the other 3.50.

"Next Day Delivery - See it today, have it tomorrow

Order Monday to Friday before 5pm, your goods will arrive next day.
Order anytime on Saturday or up to 2pm on Sunday your goods will arrive on Monday.

Why wait in all day?
Am/pm delivery will be offered where available, this gives you the choice of receiving your order before or after 1pm.

Available on selected items and covers most courier areas.

This service is currently not available on:
Bank holidays.
New customers first orders.
After 5pm (via the website)."


I tried online a few times, the code didn't bite.

Then decided to call them, the code worked, gave me a free Laura Ashley throw with p&p £3.50. It will be delivered 3-5 days and then the system wouldnt let me pay via credit card over the phone. Was advised the customer service Q was very long at the moment so she suggested I could call Customer Service and pay it via credit card tomorrow. In the meantime statement of my personal account will come in 28 days and about a week to pay.

Fingers crossed!

just ordered thanks

OMG just noticed this is on quidco 12%!

just received this! £3.50 –– FAST delivery!
rep for poster, thanks again.
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